It has been 6 years ago today that Little Man‘s Papa passed away (my father). He will never know him and that breaks my heart. I think my Father would have been so excited to be a first time Grandfather and though I know he would have treated a little girl like a princess, I believe he would have been overjoyed to have a Grandson. Little Man‘s middle name is John in honor of my father. It means God is Gracious. I know that Papa F. is looking over him from above and smiling.

My Father and I had a song when I was young. He would sing me ‘You are My Sunshine’. When I hear it nowadays I cry, because it reminds me of him. Now that I have my own Sunshine I, I want Little Man to know all about the Man that taught me to eat peanut butter and banana sandwiches; fed the bears with me at Clark’s Trading Post; took me for long walks down to the brook at the end of the street; trusted I would survive living in Boston by Mission Hill and made me his Princess and Sunshine for so many years.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on April 2, 2007.

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