As Rose by Any Other Name…

When I as little I hated being called by my full name and my nickname was fine by me. The only people not to use it were my Grandmother and my Father. I’m thinking about what people call you, because people are creating 10 million nicknames for Little Man, none of which I like.

Miss G, his big sister, I guess has taken to calling him somthing with and ie on the end – which I consider a girl’s nickname. Mad Dog‘s Dad has started calling him by his initials again not something I care for. I don’t understand people why can’t they be like my Brother, Sean. He doesn’t like Little Man as a nickname, and that it up to him but out of respect to Mad Dog and I, he calls him by his full name knowing that we don’t want him to be called something else.

We gave him a name and a nickname to not confuse the child and it seems that I am going to have to teach the Baby NOT to respond to anything but Little Man or lil Man.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on April 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “As Rose by Any Other Name…”

  1. Could we call him Davey? (That one’s gonna be funny to Mike.)Speaking of which, is that a blue moon coming up? Goody! Mike might update <>his<> blog. Where are the emoticons? What? No emoticons? I thought we had some emoticons. I need a litte guy sticking his tongue out.

  2. Impulse…I am glad that we spent sometime together. You were a lovely house guest and thanks for teaching Indiana a thing or two…You will be missed and I will keep a place for you in my heart along with Mindy….

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