Lions, Tigers & Bears OH MY!

This weekend was a Mansfield Weekend. This meant that once Mad Dog and I made it home from work(me on-time for once) we had to pack for the weekend. This is our first full trip with both Miss G and Little Man. Miss G in the past has pretty much taken everything, but the kitchen sink in the past when we have gone away, but with the addition of her little brother we were all limited to what could fit in the car. Having said that, I was very confused when I came home to find that Miss G had been given the go ahead to pack her SUITCASE, where the rest of us were going for the backpack route. I didn’t say anything, thinking Mad Dog had given himself enough rope to hang himself with (knowing that with everything else it might not fit). I managed to get everyone out the door somehow – for some reason I’m the Timekeeper of the family. After getting on the road with a cranky Little Man we were on our way to Eastern Massachusetts.

This trip usually takes an hour and a half, for Little Man & Momma it’s only one hour and 15 minutes, but for this trip it was 2 1/2 hours. Due to traffic and the fact that Mad Dog and Momma were trying for parents of the year and forgot bottles & nipples. This meant a stop at our favorite store, Target.

We managed to get there and make it through the night in the guest room…which is a WHOLE other POST. The next day we went to Southwick Zoo.

Southwick is a zoo we went to as children. I remember it being very far away (it was only 45 minutes) and huge…not so much. It was strange going there with Little Man, knowing I had been there in a stroller when I was little. Uncle Kevin & Uncle Brent joined us with Brent’s nephew Andy. Fun was had by all, even Little Man. It was Zoobabies weekend at the zoo and they were introducing the new members of the Zoo family to the public. The kids got to feed baby goats and Miss G even found out that one of the Monkey’s had the same name as her.
The rest of the weekend was a blur of diapers and playing ball. Chasing the dog and wedding talk.

Mad Dog and I even had our Baptism class so that we’re okay in the eyes of God for Lex’s big day.

We’re home now, and Miss G is getting ready for bed while Mad Dog and I are ready to fall down.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 25, 2007.

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