Little Girls with Ca$h

In the hopes of teaching Miss G about the importance of saving money and the value of a dollar, we had started to give her an allowance. Before she moved away it was for keeping her room clean on the weekends when she was with us, but now we have upped the resposiblities for the cash earned each week. She has a list of chores to do and for that she earns $10.00 – yes, you read that right. I don’t know how old I was when I started earning that amount, but it wasn’t 6 year of age. Our thought process behind this was to give her this amount and that is what she has. We go to a store and she has THAT money to spend and she has to make choices based on the amount she has. If she wants something more expensive she needs to make the right choice to save her money, and if not…she has to realize that it might be a few more weeks before she sees it or she might have to wait for a Birthday or some special holiday.

This weekend she started out with $3.00 from last week. Her $10.00 for this week. $8.00 her Grandmother gave her and $3.00 dollars she had in her bank from sometime around Easter. Putting her at $24.00 which was burning a BIG old hole in her little pink purse.

Since Mad Dog and I forgot bottles and nipples for Little Man (see previous post – Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh MY!) we stopped at Target. Miss G who can’t help but look found herself in front of a huge temptation – HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL DOLLS!
Yes, she forgot all about the Fiona Barbie that she had been eying last weekend at the toy store and tried to justify which doll to purchase. It was rough – I actually thought we were going to have sleep there while she went back and forth over who would come home with us, but she finally picked Gabriella. Mad Dog the softy he is chipped in $5.00 so that she only ended up parting with $15.00 of her cold hard cash.

Later that weekend she used her remaining $9.00 on grey wolf from the Zoo. The best part is Mad Dog fronts the cash for the wolf in the zoo, since she forgot her purse in the car. We get back to the car and she opens that pink safe of her’s and says, “So, is this money mine?” Mad Dog responds no to her question. She turns and says “Fine take it then!” She was shocked when we offered to take him back to the nice Zoo people if she wanted her $9.00 back. Lets just say Grey Wolf has a home in Miss G’s pink room and the $9.00 didn’t stay in the pink purse.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 25, 2007.

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