Maine – The Way Life Should Be

For the past three days we have been in Alfred, Maine on Shaker Pond, where Stuart (my Mom’s fiancé) has a little place. Mad Dog and I took the kids and camped out in the yard. We have to thank Kim our Cafe Manager in Enfield for giving us the most amazing tent ever! She offered it to me at the last minute and we don’t know how we would have managed without it. It sleeps 7 people, but for us it slept us, Miss G and Little Man in his pack-n-play perfectly.

We had a great time. It was a full house up there- Sandy, Stuart, Nana and Indiana. Miss G & Mad Dog went swimming across Shaker Pond on kick boards . My Mom & Stuart went fishing.

Little Man had a ton of firsts:

            • First time sleeping in a tent.
            • First time swimming in something other than the tub.
            • First time eating sweet potatoes.
            • First time eating pears.
            • First time eating ICE CREAM!

Though most of the time was keeping the kids amused Mad Dog and I did manage to have fun. I really can’t wait until next year when Little Man will be running around up there – granted we will have to keep an eye on him (one wrong step in any direction ends you in Shaker Pond), but everything will be exciting and new.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 7, 2007.

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