New Places on the Horizon

It feels like so many things are changing so quickly. Mad Dog says I’m trying to achieve this ultimate stress quad-fecta (Giving Birth, New Job, Marriage and Moving) all at once. Maybe I am without knowing it. With the birth of Little Man I check off the first of the four back in February. Now, I’m I have completed the second with obtaining a new job. I gave my two weeks notice from my current employer today, there was very little reaction to the news (at least from management). I’m going to miss the staff more than anything and even more so with the possibility of future move coming on the heels of me leaving. In about 24 days I’m getting married to Mad Dog – strike number 3. And to put the last nail in my coffin we will be looking to move to Eastern Massachusetts in the next few months.

I feel sorry about moving. I like where we are. It’s not the big city, but I like the area and will miss it. Though I’m planning on coming back to visit, because there are friends (and more friends)here I would like to keep. We’ll have to find a new Doctor for Little Man, which is really a bummer because I love his Doctor.

Having said that- getting back to the eastern part of the state great too. We’ll have Boston no more than 45 minutes away, which means Dim Sum more often, hanging with my friends more, visiting the MFA with Little Man and being near my family.

We’re going to take this step by step. Still have to complete # 2 & #3 before even thinking about #4. No matter what we’ll do it as a family.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 19, 2007.

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