Because I’m allowed it.

This is a complete venting session. I know when I marry Mad Dog in less then 2 weeks I will be forever linked to Miss G and in doing so her dreadful mother. Yes, dreadful – got it? Good! This is a woman who has reverted Miss G, who is 6 years old (almost 7) into a scared 4 year old. Due to her Mother’s over protectiveness…or whatever you want to call we can’t even get Miss G to sleep with the light off much less get her to go to summer camp as we had wanted for her this year. She seems to think the child support paid every two weeks is for her, not for Miss G. I say this because she feels that not only should Mad Dog pay child support, but should pay for half of everything else involving Miss G. She doesn’t get it and will never get it. She was too ignorant to read her own divorce agreement and thought she was doing great with her slimy lawyer, which looked like he crawled from underneath a rock.

She demands Mad Dog hold up his end of the agreement, but time & time again she falters on her side. This is not the only issue with this situation. Miss G has been her since early June and I can probably count the number of times she has called Miss G both hands. I’m talking all summer. Miss G is asked each night if she would like to her Mother and each night she doesn’t want to. She’ll call her Grandmother and Aunt, but not her own Mother. What does that say? I can’t imagine a time when my children wouldn’t want to talk to me.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 31, 2007.

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