Fan Girl

Okay – Mad Dog will totally rag on me when (and if) he reads this, but I’m excited. I’m sure this will sound stupid, but… See I have a MySpace page. I got it to keep in touch with my brothers, but I have added to it over the past few months. If you know about MySpace, just about everyone has a page and anyone for the most part can join anyones page as a friend. I have joined a few big named authors/comic artists, etc. I happen to be friends with Dan Didio, the VP of DC Comics. So after the Con the other day when I came back I posted a comment on his page saying “Thank you for bring DC to Baltimore and making it a great weekend for everyone.” I didn’t expect anything at all, but I got a comment back! It’s not much, but still…“the pleasure of going to the Baltimore con is always mine. Great show, great fans! And DAMN, Camden Yards is one beautiful stadium.” Mad Dog has been making fun of me ever since. I just think it’s cool that he replied. Mad Dog thinks part of it is my picture on MySpace right now. You be the judge:


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 16, 2007.

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