It Only Happens When it Rains

I knew that things were going to well for things to continue on course. Since coming back from our “honeymoon” we have had car issues. I shouldn’t say issues. It’s one issue. It’s dead. We’ll it runs, but the transmission is shot and would cost $1,800.00 to fix. Things is there is only $2,163.00 left on it. Mad Dog was optimistic and thought we should try to pull the money together and get it fixed, but I don’t think so. Seeing no sooner then we put the money into it, it will die a week later for good.

This is the worst time in the world for this all to happen. We need to find a place in 2 weeks and move – with no second car and the issues with the car this is a big issue. Mad Dog’s Father has decided to help us out. They are paying off the car for us, so we can make smaller payments to them. Then we’re going to try for another car. Don’t know how that will go with my credit, but we have to.

On a good note (afraid to write this, in case I jinx it) we found a place this weekend. It’s in Worcester – 3 bedroom on the 2nd floor. Mad Dog hasn’t seen it yet. He’s going on my word that it’ll work (fingers-crossed). We have to fill out the application and I’ll drop it off Tuesday – guy seems positive about the whole thing. We’re going to have to figure out moving, but packing is in full swing in our house. We just need to get rid of some stuff (a lot of stuff).

I’m going to try not to hold my breath about the whole thing and hope for the best on all fronts.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 16, 2007.

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