So Long, Farewell

For the past 2 ½ years Lucretia Avenue has been our home, more importantly our first home. We say good-bye to it fondly and take with us the many memories it has held. I would like to share some of those here now:

July 2005 – Moving in…and crying over a missing bathrobe.

July 2005 – Miss G’s pink …too pink bedroom.

August 2005 – Miss G turns 5.

Sept 2005 – My first time at the Big E.

Oct 2005 – Our first (and only) Halloween Party here.

Dec 2005 – Mad Dog asks me to marry him in our living room after a 4 hour ordeal to find a Christmas Tree that didn’t cost us $50.00 in Western, MA ( yes in Western, MA!). He gave me 2 rings- my diamond and my Banana Splits Ring he found on Ebay.

Dec 2005 – Our first Christmas morning with Miss G.

New Years Eve Day 2005/2006 – In Boston with Mad Dog & Kevin for Dim Sum, Ice Sculptures & to tell our engagement news to friends.

Feb 2006 – We lost Phantom (who couldn’t control his drool), he pasted in his sleep.

Feb 2006 – I found my place at Barnes & Noble in Enfield, and stopped my horrible commute across the state.

June 2006 – Miss G goes away to WI, for much more than a vacation.

July 2006 – We find out we’re pregnant, with our first child. This is happy news – too bad all

August 2006 – We tell our families, and the baby shopping begins for Nana Sandy.

Oct 2006 – those days of “morning” sickness isn’t.The transformation of the Media Room into Little Man’s bedroom.

Nov 2006 – The many nights of Most Haunted spent on the couch until Mike got home.

Dec 2006 – Miss G returns for Christmas.

Jan 2007 – Impulse gets sick.

Feb 2007 – The first false alarm. No baby, not yet.

Feb 2007 – Little Man is born, 2 weeks early and we would still have time to go to New York Comic-Con (Mad Dog’s wishful thinking).

Feb 2007 – My Mom visits our apartment for the 2nd time in 2 years.

April 2007 – Impulse passes away with Little Man and me by his side. Lots of tears and sadness.

May 2007 – Miss G comes home for Easter and meets Little Man for the first time.

June 2007 – Miss G comes for the summer, full of video games, reading, High School Musical 2 and new friends.

August 2007 – I get my new job at Covidien.

August 2007 – Mad Dog and I get married.

Sept 2007 – Little Man finds out he can roll and chases Spirit (our cat) around the bed.

Sept 2007 – Mad Dog, Little Man and I go to Baltimore for Comic-Con. Little Man rocked the Con and is looking forward to next year.

Sept 2007 – We find our new home on Beacon Street.

Oct 2007 – We move!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 25, 2007.

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