Time Out for Superheroes?

Today rather unique for us, since we were all home together. With the Holiday, Mad Dog and I were home giving us a rare chance to spend time together as a family without rushing off to someplace. 

I was allowed to sleep in, while Lex made sure he woke Loki up officially 5 minutes after she fell asleep for a little nap. Once we were all finally up, we planned on hitting a parade, but I didn’t think Loki would take to the loud noise so well – since Lex seems to set her off all by himself. Before leaving the house for breakfast, Lex and his superhero collaborators started misbehaving and landed themselves in Time Out.  Sadly he has spent a lot of time here today. 

He declared today his Independence Day. We’re seeing this more and more, and though I am grateful not to have child who is stuck to me – I would like one day without difficulty. Loki isn’t far behind him. According to Mad Dog she started to crawl backwards and turn on ther belly today. I don’t know how I’m going to chase the two of them when they’re both mobile. I’m thinking GPS, or Mad Dog saw a Pet Cam at target yesterday. We’re planning on getting 2 to put around their necks so we can track them when were facebooking (now there is a thought). Might have to buy 3 since Gigi will be here shortly. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 25, 2009.

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