You say ER, I say OR – Lets call the whole thing off!

I don’t know if my body has decided to wage war on me, but if it isn’t and this was just a conflict I’d hate to see if a full attack. In the past 6 months I have had officially 3 surgeries. My c-section for Loki, my emergency DNC 8 days after Loki and now an emergency Appendectomy last Wednesday. 

Monday night, after a wonderful Memorial Day with Mad Dog & the kids, I had some cramps in my abdomen. I chalked it up to menstrual cramps and took something for them and went to bed. About 3/4 AM I work with vomiting, which continued through the morning until the early afternoon when I had nothing but dry heaves. Unable to keep even ice chips down, I knew I was on a downward spiral and dehydrated. I took a cab to the St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Worcester, with the basic thought that they would rehydrate me on an IV and send me home. Mad Dog stayed home with the napping little ones. 
Around 5 PM I was taken into the ER and they started the painstaking process of trying to give me an IV. (Please not last time – 28 tries!) I was examined and an IV was finally put in place. My brother-in-law Brent drove out to stay over and watch the kids while Mad Dog joined me at the Hospital. I was sent for a Cat-Scan. It was more than clear it was my appendix. It was bad and they needed to find a spot for me in surgical rotation the next morning. I sent Mad Dog home while I waited for the Surgical consultation, and I was moved to a room. Mad Dog came to visit later that morning. 
After a morning consultation, they decided I couldn’t wait until a possible spot that afternoon, but needed it now. I was sent to the OR and prep with Anesthesia. The Surgeon offered to call Mad Dog once everything was finish, and to let me know how things looked. I remember being wheeled into the OR and being move to the table. 
It would seem that when the Surgeon called Mad Dog, that the words perforated and gangrene were mentioned. My recoveries from both my c-section and the DNC were much faster overall. I couldn’t get my head clear of the drugs they gave me and couldn’t get myself up and about nearly as fast as with the other 2. I was released Friday and am unable to pick up anything over 10 pounds (sorry Loki-girl). Between the great help of Mad Dog’s Mother (I can’t say enough good things about her), Brent and my brother Kevin we have managed. 
To add to all this, Friday when I was released we received a call from Daycare that Lex was sporting a wonderful temperature of 104.9. Yes, to add to ever thing else not even 1 hour after being released we had this coming our way. The temp came down with some Mortin, but spiked again in the middle of the night. With Mad Dog’s Mom here over night to watch Loki Mad Dog & I took Lex to the ER at St V’s at 2AM (just 12 hours after I had left there).
Lex currently doing perfectly fine. Fever gone and making as much trouble as he can for the rest of us. He is confusing my new “boo-boo” with my Baby “boo-boo”.  We have made it very clear that there is no baby with this boo-boo. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 2, 2009.

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