Fathers (To Be or Not To Be)

With today being Father’s Day, this of course got me thinking about Fathers and what it means to be one. The fact that most men can reproduce doesn’t not give them the title of Father alone (the same goes for Mothers). I don’t want to go into listing the things that are required of people to hold the titles as parents, but some are just commonsense.

Mad Dog is an amazing Father. I can’t even begin to list all the reason, but some are: calling Gigi every night to see how her day went; taking Lex to Gymnastics with the SAHM Club that he can’t stand listening to; encouraging Lex to try new things; how cute he is with Loki and how she looks at him like he is the only one in the world to her – the list goes on and on.Add Image

Being without my own Father makes me think about how he compared with the Fathers I know. How he would be with my kids and with Mad Dog. I think he would like Mike. Do I think Mike would like him – yeah, I’m alot like my Father, but I will say I think my Dad would give Mike a hard time, just to give him a hard time. Tough love. I know that my Father would have gotten a kick out of Lex and adored Loki. Loki would have been his Chunky Monkey too. I know he was with us today in some way.
As for our day – Mad Dog got to sleep in, which was a true bonus for him I think. We later went of breakfast at the Corner Lunch Diner. Very good diner food, and possibly our new favorite place. Lex flirted with the waitress, and didn’t know what to do when she flirted back. When we got back Loki took a nap, and so did Mad Dog and I on the couch while Lex ran around watching the Incredibles on DVD. Mad Dog then had to go to work, leaving me with the Monkeys. Oh and I got to state my “Cafe Corner” (Lego Set).
I do hope all you Dads had a good day and I hope all you deserving Dads like mine and Mad Dog had a special day that reminded you why it’s so important to be a good Dad.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on June 21, 2009.

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