Learning Curve

Like most parents I worry about my kids measuring up to other kids. To be honest I don’t want them to worry about measuring up, but for me to do the worrying for them. Just the other day after being on vacation, I read a Facebook posting of a friend referencing that his daughter was in so many words mastering the alphabet and her numbers. This sent me into a tailspin about Lex’s learning. He is picking up things more and more – in fact in the past week we have seen so many new words and the start of sentences. Mainly my concern is about his speech right now – his motor skills and fine-motor skills are amazing, not to mention the connections he makes and this problem solving. That gets very frightening sometimes. Like him climbing in the front seat of the car, knowing he had to put on his seat belt before putting (the correct key- yes he knew the key) into the ignition to start the car (he sits behind the driver’s seat in out car’s so he doesn’t see us do all this).

My freak-outs stem from having a learning disability in grade school, and all the trouble I felt it brought me. I don’t think it held me back as much as embarrassed me through out my schooling, and created anxiety that if anything stopped me from enjoying what I was learning. Mad Dog of course thinks my concerns are unfounded. Lex is developing fine and in fact in some areas he is excelling.

As for my little Loki, you would swear she is going to walk before she crawls. She managed to sit herself up this past week in Maine from a belly position. The only thing that seems to be slowing her down is the fact that she has no interest in food. We keep trying and she keeps pushing it back out. I don’t know if this is a result of my breastfeeding stoping much sooner than we had planned. Other than that, she is saying “Dadda”, kicking the living daylights out of an eight and two year old and telling us “No” with the shake of her head every chance she can get.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on July 25, 2009.

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