You Are What You Eat or You Get What You Give

This morning Mad Dog is having the same discussion with Gigi that we have at least 2 during our summer visit. For breakfast today Mad Dog made pancakes. Gabrielle took one bite and said she was full. This has something that has been going on for several days now. Mad Dog questioned her on this, getting the normal response of tears. She claims she eats turkey, but won’t eat Turkey sausage, ground turkey or any other turkey product that isn’t deli turkey or actual sliced turkey off a 20 pound bird. She lives off chicken nuggets (frozen only, can’t be fresh), turkey dogs and junk food. She questions ever brand we buy. She claims its not what is in WI. She argues that it’s not what Momma makes.

Lex and we hope Loki eat what we eat (which is about the same amount as Gigi). If Lex doesn’t he doesn’t eat. Because of her behavior we are now having issues with him. He is gagging when he puts food in his mouth that he has eaten since the first taste. This is becoming a huge issue. This creates a complete tension within the family dynamic. This is not the only issue. It comes down to the fact that she only is apart of the family when it benifites her. Lex carried his own diaper box (stating along the way every moment that is was “Heavy”) up to the second floor all by himself. Gigi walked in and carried her book, nothing else. Didn’t help with the groceries and stuff from Target.
Each summer we try something new to make it work. It doesn’t. She feels she is entitled to everything. I don’t want Lex and Loki to ever think that. Because it’s a gift we have what we have, what they have. Gigi doesn’t get that.
I am frustrated. I walk the line between letting Mad Dog handle her and my head exploding. I feel terrible that by the end of the summer I’m a bit relieved what our lives go back to nomal. I’m beat. I know this post isn’t anything except a rant. I’m sorry I dont’ have anything to give.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 2, 2009.

One Response to “You Are What You Eat or You Get What You Give”

  1. This is the first story that popped into my head when I read this…

    My mother once sat me down and walked me through the family finances dollars for dollar, from the money she and dad earned each month, through every regular expense, down to what was left that wasn’t earmarked for anything. It was ridiculously small. Like thirty bucks. She explained that every time myself or one of my two brothers made a request for something out of the norm, it had to come out of that leftover. That’s probably when I started appreciating what I had and stopped asking for stuff I now knew we couldn’t afford.

    As far as meals go, we’ve been through the “I don’t like this” phase, and it still pops up every now and then. It’s simple, we make one meal. Feel free to eat as much or as little of it as you wish, but that’s all there is. A child will eat if they’re hungry, and not giving them exactly what they’re asking for is not starving them. The solution to a diet of chicken nuggets is to stop buying them, or to let Gigi choose one meal a week that she can have them. Hmmm. If you really want to drive the point home, next time there’s a revolt about what’s available to eat, pack it up, drive the meal and the child downtown and have them present it to a homeless individual and explain why she won’t eat it.

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