Tables, Ray Guns and Chinese Food

Today I had a little Mad Dog & Me time. Something that doesn’t happen often. Because my Brother, Sean and his wife, Tiffany are up from Ft. Lauderdale for a visit they asked if they could spend a little time with the kids. So with Gigi at camp and Lex & Loki with Uncle Sean & Aunt Tiffany, I got a little time with Mad Dog.

This didn’t happen until we of course handed over our children to my Brother. Which always scares me slightly. Don’t get me wrong I love him, and I know he loves them. Do you sense a “BUT”? Of course you do. The BUT is, I think Sean still needs to learn a lot about kids. Having said that, I know he will one day when he has his own, and I honestly think that will be the only time he truly learns about them. When he is at the other end of all the craziness, running around, time-outs and tears. Oh and of course he’ll be at the end of the gift that he told Kevin or I not to buy his kids, but we do anyhow (AKA – the “RAY GUN”).
This was the first time Sean & Tiffany met Loki since she was
born. They haven’t been north since like last October/November, and therefore haven’t had a chance to meet Miss Lo. Sean I think honestly thinks Loki hates him. She takes to some people very well and others not so much. I think it’s because of peoples reactions to her. I don’t think she likes any type of harsh facial movements or anything that startles her. I think he’ll grow on her. She took to Tiffany and had a great time. They both did.
As for my day with Mad Dog, we got to see Harry Potter, which made us both happy. Though we are keeping it on the QT for other reasons. We picked up our table from IKEA! When we returned to Mansfield, to my Mom’s we got to visit with my cousin Amy, her daughter Megan and Sam, who I believe is her Fiance. He is very nice and had just enough geek to know the Green Lantern symbol on my car. Kudos for Sam!
This weekend is our family reunion. Small, but sweet. I’m looking forward to it. But right now I’m going to put together my new table (come on it is from IKEA), watch Leaverage and eat Chinese food with my Mad Dog

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 6, 2009.

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