Tinfoil Hat Case: The Tricky Prostitute

I‘m starting to feel that we might be living in a “Hellmouth“. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Hellmouths are places of increased supernatural energy. These areas are places where the barriers between dimensions are weak. The Hellmouth acts as a focal point, which serves as a portal between Earth and Hell. For these reasons, a Hellmouth attracts demons, other supernatural creatures and other unsavory characters (i.e. the dregs of society) becoming a hot spot for supernatural activities and strange happenings.

Let me say that Mad Dog and I like where we live. It’s gives us both a equally distant commute to work and to our families. It allows us easy access to Boston and most of New England. We like our Landlord, he is a nice guy and he is always willing to assist when there is an issue or concern. Also, our apartment has character, I don’t think I could live in some new white walled box that didn’t have the charm of an older home.

I’m sure now that you’ve read this far you’re very confused. I mean Hellmouth – nice home. Doesn’t balance huh? Now I don’t think we have a supernatural problem, though I’m sure the house has history, but even in the last year we have seen enough to last us a bit, between the house and the area. We have seen at least 3 evictions in the building; a homeless guy sleeping in the hallway; a death of our very nice building manager; a double stabbing on the side walk and now our newest story – which I will get to in a moment. Worcester alone has given us a great deal of wonderful stories. The flooding right out of the Bible; blizzards resulting in 6 hour commutes home; a shooting within a block of our home and of course the Pregnant Mother that was killed for her unborn child all withing the last year! I know it’s not all supernatural, but damn it something is up. I mean I’m not saying I’m not prepared for the whole Zombie thing or Aliens – Mad Dog has been wearing his tinfoil hat for years – but I am saying I have never lived any where so strange.

Today’s story is more bizarre then anything else. This morning while getting ready for work our doorbell rang. Mad Dog tried to finish getting dressed before running for the door. When he got the our door he heard someone downstairs talking to a woman and then saw said woman coming up the stairs. From what he explained to me she was wearing a very short skirt and her top resembled something more like a bra. She had a little difficulty making it up the stairs, due to possible intoxication. She passed our apartment for the 3rd floor (a long way to go when you’re not good on your feet). There was some banging on the door and then a conversation. “You didn’t think I would find you!” Blah, blah, blah. Mad Dog went back to our morning routine.

Later today he forwarded me an email from one of our 3rd floor neighbors. Now I’m not making this up. When I read it I had to call him and ask if he was kidding me. I won’t post the email, but it was to give us a heads up that if anyone came ringing the doorbell looking for access to the 3rd floor apartment what we didn’t know or said they were trying to reach someone from their that we shouldn’t let them into the building. There is nothing strange about that. The best part of this is the next – That several of the occupants of the building have been tricked by a prostitute, that they didn’t know was a prostitute at the time who claimed to “know someone in the building”. Being tricked by prostitutes! Doesn’t that just make you laugh.

We have lived her for I think 2 years now – through the frat house parties on the first floor for the first year and plenty of issues with the 3 guys (which turned out to actually be 7/8) who lived here when we first moved in, but prostitutes trying to sneak in to our building – I mean last time I checked this wasn’t the Playboy mansion. Hef’s name is not on the mailbox. Those tricky prostitutes, I mean always turning tricks on people – wait isn’t that what they get paid to do?

I don’t know I just think this is one of those bizarre little things that you come across in life that you put away in your “Memory Warehouse” and wait for when you write a book. I’m going to keep an eye on this one – I mean it might be a whole tinfoil hat conspiracy or maybe we should start training Loki to be the next Slayer and Lex a Watcher! Stranger things have been know to happen.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 17, 2009.

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