Inspiration by the Pound (aka Kick a Supermodel)

Recently a friend of mine turned 39, and with this turn of the dial he decided to get healthy by forty. A lot of people make such lifestyle changes on the threshold of a milestone in their life, but what impressed me about this was how much he put himself out there.

He started a blog (Fit by Forty) regarding his goal, and asked his friends and family to help him along his road. I know again that might not be odd, but he put himself out there all the way. Posting his Age, Height, Weight and BMI like stats on a baseball card. Knowing him as long as I have, I found this rather shocking. I know he has struggled with his weight for a long time and has made many attempts to get healthy and fit, but I feel for the most part they have been private battles.
You know like, “First Rule of Dieting is: You don’t talk about dieting! Second Rule of Dieting is: Don’t keep cookies in the house!” The only people who put themselves our there like that are honestly usually SKINNY people. “Oh, I have 10 pounds to go.” Go where? Is that when you just disappear from existence? Don’t say it isn’t true we all know one person like that and I’m not putting the “Hate” on to skinny people – please I inspire to be one someday.
We all have that image in our head of what we look like. People at work were talking about it the other day – you have it in your head and then you see yourself in the mirror and say “Who the hell is that?” Personally in my mind I’m Laura Croft, Power Girl or Supergirl (Yes I know – NONE OF THE WOMEN ARE REAL!) but damn it I look good in my head and at least I’m honest enough with myself not to try to dress like them looking as I do. Again there are people out there that do and really shouldn’t.
I give great Kudos to my dear friend for putting himself out there like that. I don’t think I’m
ready to do that myself – I honestly don’t even like my Wii Fit knowing (I hate his little snarky comments – the little f@*^er). I’m not turning forty in a year, but I will be 35 in several months – I don’t think I could get there from here (the place I want to be) by that time, but I plan to start once a small bit of stress is removed from my summer life.
In my life there have been two people who have inspired me to get fit, and make the change. Oddly both have been men. The first was my friend Mark and now the second on that list is my friend Michael. I think both made their changes for the right reasons, unlike most of the women I know who seem to do it for all the wrong reasons (MEN!) I honestly think that you can only do it when YOU ARE ready to do it.
Mad Dog and I had started at the beginning of the summer, before I ended up in the Hospital. We had put ourselves up for 2 week challenges and at the end of each 2 weeks the one that lost the most received a gift of their choice. Something small like body lotion or a book. We didn’t get very far, but Mad Dog had mentioned this little deal to his Mother. She said she wanted some of that action. She put it to us if we lost 50 lbs, she would give us $500 dollars (don’t know if its each or not). Now this is very nice and very encouraging, but unless I’m in the mind set – I will never see that $500 no matter how nice it would be.
I have to put my game face on and maybe get in Laura Croft kick ass mind set if I ever want to see that cash. I want to do this for myself and for my kids. I want to be where I was when I met Mad Dog and before I had Lex – then I want to move past that and get to something that makes me happy – not what society or the American Medical Association tells me I should be. Oddly as I’m writing this the theme song to a TV show called Popular is running through my mind:
Summer sun has come to stay,
Bikinis, tans, outrageous legs,
They’re all retarded, and they all look the same,
And barbie’s body’s melting down,
On her face a big fat frown,
’cause Mr. Cellulite just moved into town.

Well me and B, we hate supermodels,
It’s not that we know anyone personally,
It’s just that I’m tired of being compared.

The boys they come here,
With expectations for the summer,
I refuse to take any part of this barbaric ritual,
’cause God has given me a mind,
That I will use from time to time,
And I got more on my head,
Than what’s made by Paul Mitchell.

(Repeat chorus)
It’s just that I’m tired of being compared.

Was it worth the tears you cried…
To fit the size?

Well Think it over once or twice,
What lasts the longest in this life,
Character, or rock hard thighs?
In the end do you believe,
That beauty lies in what you see?
’cause if you do, then baby
You’ve been deceived.

Thank you Michael for the inspiration and to very one else don’t put the hate on, but feel free to kick a Supermodel today! (Photographs by Elizabeth Robbins)

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 19, 2009.

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