After a long work day most people like to decompress in their car, listening the music or just the rumble of the road as they find there way from work to home. Personally I would have to say that sounds nice to me. Listening to some music on my Ipod, a podcast or even a book would be nice, but sadly 3 days out of my commute week are not like that. Rather I have Jerry Lewis in my back seat.

Yes, I have found that when Lex gets into my car he turns into Jerry Lewis. He finds that pitch in voice that Lewis gets when he says “HEY LADY!” To add to the volume and antics he sings, and does everything in his power to make Loki giggle even try to shove a Dunkin Donuts straw up her nose. Something she complete encourages him in doing, by belly laughing so hard that I don’t think she can breath.

Today to try to control the noise level in the car, I engaged Lex in conversation. Something I usually do by asking him his body parts, which he points to and repeats (I recommend sticking with what you know). But today I start telling Gigi and him about what was going to go on in the next few days. Part of this being that we are going to attend a cook out of good friends of ours. I explained that Lex would see Miles, our friends 4 year old son, in which
Lex calmly replied “Oh!” Trying to work on his volcabuary I tried to get him to repeat “Miles”. I did get something, but it wasn’t really close. We moved on to other friends he has met before – like Steve, which he repeated as “Teve“. Then Blue, which came out “Bew” – works for me. I tried Sage, which was mumbled but attempted. Gretchen – he just ignored me. I then said Himmer, that became “Immer“. Moving on to Michael. I got back “Daddy!”

“No, not Dadda. This is a different Michael.” I explained.

“Me. Two Dadda!” he proudly announced trying to hold up 2 fingers.

“No. One Dadda! Michael is Miles Dadda!”

“Two Dadda!”

This turned into an Abbott and Costello routine. Again trying to control the volume in the car as well as redirect him, I told him Marny had a baby in her belly (you think I would learn!) “Momma- Baby!”

“No, Lex. Momma doesn’t have a baby in her belly. Marny does.”

Another 4 rounds of “Who’s has a baby in their belly?” with a 2 year old. Lex of
course playing the straight man. There is no winning this, but I go on trying just the same.

We get home and make it up to bed time. I’m helping Lex get into his pajamas, while Mad Dog sits waiting for story time to start. Because Lex is giving me a bit of a hard time, Mad Dog trying to distract him. Lex points to him and says “No Dadda!”

Mad Dog makes some comment to him, and Lex responds with “No. Me. Two Dadda!”

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 21, 2009.

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