One Fishy, Two Fishy

This week is the last of our summer. Well not really, but with Gigi going back to WI it kind of ends the summer chaos. We are now transitioning into a normal schedule and life once again. Loki has adjusted just fine. I think she likes the idea that she gets her room back to herself, and doesn’t have Mike walking in every 15 minutes after bedtime anymore to check on someone. Lex on the other hand we think is having a little bit more trouble with the change. He keeps asking where Gigi is. He understand a little bit, but I think he doesn’t know who to bother or tease now. Looks like Loki and Spirit are in for it, huh?

With changes in our house, we have 2 small additions. We have 2 goldfish. Lex’s calls them “Fish One” and “Fish Two”. They live in a small tank in his bedroom. The excitement in his face is unbelievable, and with all that enthusiasm it’s hard to explain to him some simple things. He thinks they need to all the time and since we feed the ducks in the pond bread and Cheerios he thinks they a perfect diet for 2 little goldfish. He also runs up to you and makes fish lips and breathes for you like that.

Tonight before bed, he lined up all his friends (Jimmy, O’Brien and Bolt) to say hello to the fish. Arranging them so that they sat all around the front of the tank. Then he told us all to “shhh” and said the fish were going night-night. We hope that these two new friends will stick around for a while and continue to create memories with Lex.

Oh and one more thing I forgot to mention. Lex learned to say Aquaman this week. Complete came out of left field, but said it just the same. Maybe this is a sign?

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 28, 2009.

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