Recalulating Route

Today I scrolled back through this blog to it origins. In the beginning I had stated that this blog was to be about Lex or Little Man as I called him. It was to contain personal entries about his life and growing up. Sadly I don’t think it was ever just that. It has always been a complete look at our lives, mainly thought my eyes, but still a look at the little thinks that make us tick, crazy and sometimes sad.

I think because of this a new statement of purpose needs to be set forth. This blog is to document our lives, our children’s lives and all that goes on around us. It will be an honest description of events and our observation of those events. We hope you will continue to follow us on our “Road to Nowhere” for we have found that there are people and places along this road that should be brought to light and introduced to those around us. We plan on making many more memories along this road and though our destination is still unknown, it is the adventure that drives us to continue on.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on August 29, 2009.

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