History for Sale: Best Offer

Went to Brimfield Fair today with some friends. Found myself wandering in and out of history. Each time I go, I find myself seeing a bit of my own history and memories sitting on a table for sale. I know they are not truly my memories, but I have found items that are replicas or duplicates of items that I grew up with. It can’t help but make you think about your past, and what you have left behind.

Personally my favorite part of going is seeing all the stuff. Going from booth to booth, rediscovering old items, and finding new ways to see them and use them. This time I brought alone my camera to shoot just for fun. I was only questioned once why I was taking photos, buy a woman who wanted to make sure it wasn’t for commercial use. There was also an old guy who sat there smiling and was insulted when I didn’t shoot him as I passed. I took the photo, that a friend then asked if I deleted. I replied no, that I had planned to call it “Grumpy Old Guy at Brimfield”.

I didn’t walk away with anythings this year, unlike years pasted when friends ended up carrying my finds for me because of my luck. Nothings struck me, or maybe it’s because I know we only have so much space now. I did come up with ideas for future projects. When Mad Dog and I ever own a house, I’m sure our eclectic tastes will continue. Since we had new friends over, we got to show off the apartment and I guess I don’t realize how much we do collect or have that might not be found in other people’s homes. Between my camera collection, old carnival signs, and art from friend and artists we purchased from we have a strange assortment. All our little odds and ends make up our home and make up us.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 8, 2009.

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