Day One: Travel to Orlando

Mad Dog and I have never not take the kids any where, because they’re too small or it would be too hard. When Lex was 5 months we took him camping in Maine and at 9 months he had his first big road trip to Baltimore for his first comic book convention. Because of this we didn’t think twice about taking Lex & Loki to Disney for a few days. We planned, we packed and we thought we were ready for 4 nights in the most magical place on earth. I said we thought!

On Tuesday, we were up and driving to Logan for the kids first airplane flight. We had decided that Loki would travel on Mad Dog’s lap and Lex have a seat of his own next to me. Due to our travel time we didn’t have a direct flight, but a stop at BWI to switch planes. Once arriving at Logan, we checked out bags at the Southwest counter and made our way through security. I will say that I highly recommend the Logan Traveling with Kids videos found online. They were very helpful and a great source of information. Also, taking the stroller to the gate and checking it here was a godsend (I have to thank Stacy and Kim for this tip). 

Lex was very excited about the plane trip – at first. Until he realized he had to sit for so long. The first leg of our trip the Boston to BWI was short and sweet only 55 minutes. We did give him Dramamine just in case. He sat between Mad Dog and I, with Mad Dog by the window with Loki and me on the outside. He colored, snacked, and played cars. Once we landed in Baltimore, we switched plane. This is where things went down hill. 

When we boarded in BWI, Lex sat next to the window. This gave him a new think to do, and we hoped would help get us through. Once the seatbelt sign went off, Lex got to stand in his little area. He was being a bit whinny, but we had expected that. He crawled down on the floor and had his head on the floor. I didn’t really understand what he was doing, but he was being quiet (I should have known better). He got up at one point and I noticed something on my bag, which was under the seat in front of Lex. bending over, I saw that down the back of Lex’s legs was diarrhea down his legs. He had gotten sick and it was all over his legs, side his shorts, on my backpack, and some of the floor. If you know Lex, you know he gets very upset when he gets dirty. This was not going to help things. I grabbed a diaper from Mad Dog’s backpack, and the wipes. I cleaned his legs, and laid his back on the seat allowing me to get his shorts off, and clean him up, change him – diaper, clothes and all. I then cleaned up the floor, my bag the best I could and me (which now had poop on my jeans and sweater). The Southwest Flight Attendants were wonderful and helpful. When all was said and done Lex received his wings from them. 

Landing in Orlando when smoothly. We picked up our luggage and made our way to Magical Express, which carried us to the Boardwalk where we checked in and got settled. Sean & Tiffany arrived just prior to Mad Dog having to leave for his first function. They took us for dinner at the ESPN Club before taking Lex for a swim in the hotel pool, allowing me time to set-up for the next day and get Loki down for bed. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 27, 2009.

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  1. I love reading ur blogs they make me laugh, cry, and always put a smile on my face.. thank u so much for sharing…

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