Day Three: Animal Kingdom

Thursday started with Aunt Tiffany being sick. To give her and Sean a little more time to wake up I took Lex and Loki to the Boardwalk Bakery for breakfast, which we ate while watching the ducks before returning to the room with breakfast for Sean and a bagel for Tiffany (which we hoped out settle her stomach).

Today the plan was to go to Animal Kingdom with the kids. Animal Kingdom wasn’t built the last time I went to Disney, so this was all new of me as well. I have been warned that no matter how hot it is in Orlando, you will always find Animal Kingdom hotter, because of all the foliage in the park. This was so true. Because of this Sean bought Lex and Tiffany hats and a spray bottle/fan to help with the heat. Once inside the park we started our way towards the Safari in Africa, but before getting there we ran into Lilo and Stitch. Lex was very excited to meet them and of all the characters he meet he was most comfortable with these two. I honestly think it was because he have watched the film a million times. He gave them both hugs and even took his hat off for their picture.

Tiffany and Loki sat out on the Safari, while Sean and I took Lex. Lex as all about seeing the Zebras, which sadly we didn’t see any of. He called out the animals he knew and waved to each one as we passed. After the safari we headed for lunch, eating in Dinoland U.S.A. and planned our next move. With Tiffany being so ill, we planned for Sean and I to do one ride before Tiffany would head back to the hotel to rest. We planned to go on the Kali River Rapids. The wait was nothing at all, but the wet factor was HIGH. Sean and I were soaked through when we got back to Tiffany and the kids, who had been watching the Monkeys. After we met back up, Tiffany was feeling a bit better and thought we should ride Expedition Everest. Again Sean and I left Tiffany and the kids to explore the animals of Animal Kingdom, while we went in search of the Yeti.

After Everest we thought it best to give Tiffany a break, so we headed back to the hotel after finding Lex a little bag of plastic animals to play with. When we got back to the hotel Sean and I took Lex to the pool to swim will Loki and Tiffany took naps. Lex loved the pool, and was much more comfortable this time with me. He would let go and attempt to float by himself. We we got back to the room, I took Lex and went to Downtown Disney for a little Lex and Momma time.

I didn’t take the stroller to Downtown Disney with Lex, relying on him being able to walk and behave (not my best idea). We checked out the Lego store and walked through the huge Disney Store before stopping into the Disney Pin Traders shop. We were in search of anything Dash from The Incredibles, which no one has anything of. One of the Disney woman in the pin shop showed Lex her pins, and gave him one with no trade, telling him it was between her, him and the Mouse! We ended our excursion with dinner at McDonald’s before getting back on the shuttle and heading home. The trip to Downtown with Lex was exhausting. He had a hard time keeping focus and would stop to do a little dance or pose. He amused a lot of the people we met along the way.  

Once back at the hotel, Lex and Loki got ready for bed. Tiffany and Sean went off to Epcot for dinner, with Tiffany feeling much better from that morning. Mad Dog was actually at Animal Kingdom after closing hours for a Lego event, and then returned to the hotel for a night of karaoke with the Lego Team. The kids fell asleep and I got to watch Fringe before falling asleep. Mad Dog woke me at 1:30AM when her crawled into bed completely wired.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on September 30, 2009.

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