Day Five: Home Sweet Home

Magical Express was scheduled at 6:50 AM, which put us up EARLY, even of us. Everything but the PJ’s were were wearing and friends (Jimmy, O’Brien and Iris) were packed. Both Lex and Loki got to eat before the airport and Mad Dog and I held off until then. We said our good-byes to Uncle Sean and Aunt Tiffany, leaving them with the things we couldn’t pack to ship up to us. 

After arriving at the airport we waited in line for our boarding passes and to check our bags from there we made our way up towards security, but not before stopping at the Universal Studios store to buy Lex and Loki “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” T-Shirts (which we saw when we first passed through the airport). Security was a lot more stressful, since the stroller wouldn’t fit through the x-ray machine in the family line, but once through we had a short wait. 

The two flights were uneventful compared to the first leg of our trip. Lex keep asking if we were going to Disney, something that has continued on since we’ve gotten home. He made a few new friends along the way back to Boston, like the woman who played peek-a-boo with him in Baltimore. Also the little girl that was crying in Baltimore, that he gave a sticker to, to cheer her up. 

Landing in Boston was wonderful. Though we all loved the vacation, I think we were all thankful to be home. Comfortable and unpacked we have managed to get back to normal, with the occasional question of “Disney?”


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 3, 2009.

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