Puppy Boy

I no longer have a son, but a puppy. Lex is playing puppy right now. He is down on the floor on all fours and fetching a ball which he keeps asking me to throw. He barks as he crawls across the floor to retrieve it. Loki is finding it very funny. I can’t say I don’t blame her. I told her she should get in on this, but she would rather watch him. This is a big difference from about an half hour ago, when I couldn’t get him to wait 5 minutes for pudding to set up.

I know I’m lucky that both Lex and Loki know how to amuse themselves unlike other children out there. For the most part he can keep himself busy if he needs to, playing cars and superheroes. Recently we have seen the spark of imagination I was hoping he and Loki would inherit from me. I don’t know how much an imagination Mad Dog had as a kid, but I had a huge one. When I was very little, I didn’t have many if any kids to play with when I was at my Grandmother’s. I had to make up my own fun. Lex has started to tell us there are monsters or dinosaurs in the kitchen and now the puppy play. Should make things interesting as he is able to communicate more and more.

He always amazes me. Like tonight I was completely expecting him to not eat dinner. Tonight I cut come corn off a cob, which we picked up at the farm yesterday. Cooked it up with a bit of butter spray and then set it aside. I heated up my griddle and put on some turkey bacon, before chopping up some scallions. I then mixed up a little pancake mix (yes, from a box). I added the corn, scallions, salt, pepper, chili powder to the mix. When the bacon was done, I chopped that up and added that too. I then cooked the corn cakes on the griddle. Once cooked I served them with a little Corn and Black Bean Salsa which we had picked up at Target. Lex ate it up. He loved the black beans in the salsa and didn’t think twice about the pancakes. When he finished I made him pudding for a treat. 

We’re about to get baths done and then bed time. We’ll see if Lex is back or if I’m giving a bath to the little puppy that found it’s way into the apartment. 

(A side note on bath time: I don’t recommend giving a bath to two children (age 2 1/2 and 10 months) when you are alone. Especially if said children get excited about bath time and feed off each other’s excitement.)  


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 4, 2009.

One Response to “Puppy Boy”

  1. He must be watching Nicole and Sofia. They have been playing animals the last few weeks. Its cute though when they role play and make up things all on their own. He has come so far the last 6 months. Its amazing.

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