Hero in Training

Mad Dog and I don’t make any excuses for ourselves, we are comic book geeks. Our son Alexander was named, so he could be called Lex after Lex Luthor and if Mad Dog had his way he might have been called Hal. Because of this there was no surprise when Lex’s third word was Batman (Momma, Dadda and yes Batman!). Amazingly he is just learning his colors (to say them), but can rattle off the names of the Justice League with out thinking twice. 

Tonight while we were putting Lex to bed, he picked as one of his three bedtime books an early reader book called Wonder Woman’s Book of Myths. It’s part of the DK Readers series, which I believe we own the collection of DC Superhero books. For a little more back ground Lex has watched the old Adam West Batman movie and even a little of Superman The Movie, but as far as we know has never seen anything of Wonder Woman the television show which feature Linda Carter. Our son who amazes us every single day, points to Wonder Woman and then walks to the middle of his room and (I am not lying about this) starts to spin like Linda Carter did in the series to change from Diana Prince into Wonder Woman. He even kind of posed at the end of his spin.

Mad Dog and I just looked at each other shocked. I asked Mad Dog if he …and before I could finish Mad Dog said he had no idea where this came from. We went on with the book, and he would name other Heroes as we turned the pages, acting out their actions (like Aquaman swimming). I asked him what Wonder Woman does again. He stopped went to the middle of the room and did the spin once again. We’re not really sure if we should be proud or scared. He on the other hand was very proud of himself. We can only hope that Loki is as enthusiastic about learning her heroes as Lex. For know we’re just going to believe it’s in the blood and all our geekness has been pasted on.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 6, 2009.

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