Attack of the Forty Foot Virus!

This has been the year! Both Mad Dog, Lex and I have found ourselves in the capable hands of the folks at St. Vincent’s Hospital  . Not that I don’t love the nurses in the emergency room, but I don’t need to see them anytime soon. 

This morning Mad Dog woke with extreme back pain and he was pretty sure it was a kidney stone. For anyone who hasn’t had one, from my understanding it hurts like hell. Because of this pebble Mad Dog made his way to St. V’s at 5 AM this morning on his own, leaving me with the Monkeys to get to school. He spent the day in emergency room 19 (the one I spent December 19th in) with the fine emergency room nurses of St. V’s (all of which I love) and was released this afternoon with the stone still waiting to pass and handful of prescriptions to fill. 

He’s doing much better now. Still waiting and watching his meds, making sure to take the next dose before the last one wears off.  Right now he is trying with all his might to make a chart/schedule of what/when he takes stuff. If only Loki didn’t want to be his nurse. She is crawling all over him. 

On a separate note regarding the Health Care Industry, I was talking with my Daycare Provider today about the H1N1 vaccination. Yes, Mad Dog and I are getting Lex and Loki vaccinated. I have heard the argument that the FDA rushed the vaccination through and there are concerns about the use of it, but lets think about this logically. This is not a new radical type of vaccination, it is based off previous vaccinations. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but in the case of Mad Dog and I don’t see a reason why Lex and Loki shouldn’t have the shots. Also, with both of us working where we do, Mad Dog with the public and me in a corporation that has people coming and going from places all over the US/the World, we can’t guarantee the environment the kids will be in.  Also, I can’t count on the fact that the other kids attending Day Care will be getting them either. Lex and Loki are usually healthy kids, and with the cases of H1N1 in healthy children is on the rise, I don’t want to worry. If you want to see what the virus does/spreads check out NPR’s Flu Attack! Lastly – if Mad Dog (one of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade) thinks its okay, with all his research, I feel okay about it. 

People can send out all the information on the virus, the proper way to wash your hands and how to cough into your arm, but if people don’t take personal responsibility for their health and themselves it doesn’t matter what they share with this friends, families and coworkers. I have have finally caught the cold/cough that the kids and Mad Dog have finished with. I’m 2 weeks behind them. I think part of my luck in fighting off the sickness in our house is my new diet and focus on health. 

Or maybe I’m full of it and it’s all an amazing marketing scheme by the health industry to sell more anti-bacterial gel, vitamins, cold meds and tissues. Oh, shoot did I clean the keyboard with Lysol 


~ by Cute Fan Girl on October 26, 2009.

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