Eli is Coming to Hell

For those of you that have heard me talk about my step-daughter Gigi, you know she lives in Wisconsin. In addition to that fact, did you know Wisconsin is Hell! It is where Bartleby and Loki the two fallen angels in Dogma were exiled to.  How much crueler could God get? It also happens to be where Mad Dog’s ex-wife comes from. Need I say more?

If you don’t know Mad Dog’s history well, in short he was married to a Succubus and from their marriage came Gabrielle. Any of Mad Dog’s friends can contest she was unbelievable wrong to him and Charisma of like 3. When Mad Dog and I met, she was seeing a guy named Matthew and sleeping occasionally with another guy John (an ex-boyfriend). She moved in with Matthew in Connecticut at the same time Mad Dog and I moved in together (part of her reason was because she was being evicted). They had a daughter together, and then things went from bad to worse. We would bring Gigi back to Matthew’s house and find the cops there because Melissa was trying to bluff Matthew and he would call her bluff. Next things we knew Melissa took Gabrielle and Matthew’s daughter under false pretenses to WI.

We’re pretty sure Matthew is not in Sophia’s (his daughter) life at all. I don’t condone that, what I do give credit to Matthew for is running as far away from Melissa as possible. I love Mad Dog and I have told him time and time again that he was an idiot for putting up with her as longs as he did. Matthew on the other hand I would like to shake is hand for taking this opportunity to get away from her life sucking ways. 

Now they are in WI, and she has someone new. We were honestly waiting for Gigi to tell us Melissa was pregnant shortly after she reconnected with Jeff (her newest victim), but we are happy to say she hasn’t. I want to give you a little more insight in to what some people think of her – Jeff’s ex was a stripper. Now you would think that wouldn’t make her Jeff’s mother’s favorite right? Not many people would like to stand up and say “Hi, this is my daughter-in-law, and she gives men lap dances until they cream their jeans”, but this woman doesn’t mind when it comes to having Melissa as a possible daughter-in-law. Somethings is wrong with this picture.

Today, Mad Dog received a call asking if he could call Melissa, something Mad Dog hates to do and avoids at all costs if possible. He called her back, and she asked him if when they were married if they lived “autonomous” when they were together. Him with is friends and her with her friends, but they knew they were there for each other. Mad Dog had to hold back the laughter, and was nice and said “yeah, you could say that”. This of course concerned Mad Dog, so he asked if everything was okay. She said Yes. Mad Dog came out and asked if Gabrielle had a stable place to live? She said of course, she was just doing some thinking about herself. This conversation stacked on the fact that someone at the beginning of this past summer was looking for apartments in South Milwaukee on Apartment Find.com using Gigi’s email address to hide it from other people, makes as a little concerned. We’re guessing within the next few months they will be moving back in with Gigi’s Grandmother.

So you see…Mad Dog is right Eli is coming to Wisconsin.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on November 3, 2009.

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