And the Cat’s in the Cradle and the Silver Spoon

I think I’ve mentioned it before, that I self-sensor myself when blogging because I don’t know who is reading my blog. Between family, friends and co-workers you don’t know who is reading what. Who follows you’re blog and how pops in from time to time to catch-up. It’s really rather annoying – or at least I’m annoyed with myself for doing it. Mad Dog makes the joke that things would be a lot more fun if I just didn’t sensor myself and let my thoughts just follow. (Photo: My Mom and Lex)

Mad Dog knows I love him and of course with any person you love their family comes as part of the package. For a little bit of background Mad Dog’s Mother and Father have been divorced for many years, and he has a brother and sister. Both his siblings don’t speak to his Father, Curt. When Mad Dog and I first met comments were made by both of them referencing me meeting Curt and I will say their comments were far from complimentary. My initial feel was that they were lucky to have a Father who was alive and I honestly thought that in the end will regret missing the time that could of had with him. I will say I do still feel their behavior is foolish and that they should grow-up (Curt included in this) and move on, however I will also say that dealing with Mad Dog’s Father makes me twitch.

Issues range from him insisting on knowing what is best when is comes to: Mad Dog’s career; Raising our Children; Dealing with Mad Dog’s Ex-Wife; Holiday Planning and what we spend our money on. Just about every event regarding the children’s lives there is an issue with them attending, which just comes down to them not want the possibility of dealing with Mad Dog’s Mother or siblings.When an emergency arises, they are the first to say “You should have called us!” and when we do they don’t get back to us, or can’t assist with said emergency. (Photo: Mad Dog’s Mom and Lex)

I think the biggest thorn in my side (recently) has been regarding Loki. Mad Dog tells me part of it is because she isn’t a boy like Lex (the whole carry on the family name bull). I don’t know what it is. They didn’t see Loki until after Christmas for the first time. This meant not the 4/5 days I was in the hospital and not the 2/3 days I was home from the hospital before bleeding out and being rushed to the emergency room for emergency surgery. They have seen her a handful of time, where Mad Dog’s Mother comes once if not twice a month. When he does see her, he questions how Mad Dog and I care for her – looking to Mad Dog’s Step-Mother for approval. I bite my tongue A LOT.

Their last visit, our best guess, was before we went away to Disney in September just before Gabrielle left for WI. We’re taking bets that we won’t see them until Christmas if that. I told Mad Dog, he will have to sit next to me and poke me if I go today something. He said I probably won’t see them – if they do come it’ll be on the Tuesday when I’m not home and they’ll stay for like 2 hours and go.

Mad Dog just finished the typical call with his Dad. Asking how we all are, what we were doing for the Holidays, when Gigi is coming out, why can’t he push the issue with Melissa, and so on. They didn’t come out this week, because he had a doctor’s appointment he forgot. This is the man that doesn’t understand why we don’t make plans more than a month ahead of time – well he does and then cancels because he forgets other engagements. I will also note the last time they were to come out (Mad Dog canceled this time) – it was said the only reason the were coming that day was because they were heading to Mohegan Sun afterwards!

I’m sorry that my children won’t know my Father. I know he would have loved this time when them (anytime for that matter). Loki would have been his “Chunky Monkey 2”; and Lex and him would have gotten into so much trouble (Mad Dog thinks he still does – he’s thinks my Dad tells Lex to do things). I am glad the kids both know my Mother’s Husband Stuart and Lex call’s him Papa (all on his own); they also have Poppy (Dennis – Mike’s Mom’s Boyfriend/Husband/Whatever) – he’s good with them. Lex and Loki are very lucky they know their Great-Grandmother just like I knew mine. I’m grateful for that. They also, love my Mom and love staying at her house, they way I did when I was a kid with my Grandmother. The kids are growing up so fast – and the people who are their for them, will be able to enjoy and will cherish the moments they have with them. For those who are not – well that is a loss for them. (Photo: My Grand-Mother and Loki).


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 9, 2009.

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