Do you have a Gift Receipt for that?

December of last year we were all waiting for the arrival of Loki, who joined us on December 11th, 2008. All our family, friends and co-workers supported us all the way, until my impending delivery. Though this year we didn’t have to deal with the flurry of Doctor’s appointments, the continuous weigh gain and the 8 week leave where my work had to be covered at work, today at 10:45AM without the nervousness of giving birth or surgery of a C-section I will be gifted with a child once again! Mad Dog’s daughter, Gabrielle, was scheduled to arrive today on a flight from Milwaukee. As you can guess though this arrival was expected, the surprise of the timing is much like going into labor (in this case not as long as some labors – less than 12 hours). The phone call Mad Dog received is like the first labor pains and by the end of the conversation I was thinking that “THIS MAN DID THIS TO ME!” We know she is a blessing and we do love her, but like labor I just don’t like the way it all happens. She will be here with us for the holidays and we are happy for that.
So, like all things in this season of giving, there are some things you wish people would keep for themselves (like fruit cake or Christmas moose sweater) but we must always remember “Tis’ the Season!”

~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 17, 2009.

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