TSA Precautions for Incompentent Mother Catching Flight

Just a quick post regarding Gabrielle’s arrival or her departure I should say. Her flight this morning was to leave Milwaukee at 7:30AM. Now in this day an age (the post-911 age) most people understand the need (especially at the holidays) that they need to get to the airport early. This is not the case when it comes to Gabrielle’s Mother. Gabrielle’s Grandmother was there early to pick Gabrielle and her Mother up to take them to the airport, which is a very short ride from their home, but Melissa (aka Gabrielle’s Mom) wasn’t ready. In fact she wasn’t even ready to go until 7:05AM.
Upon arrival at the airport, the ticket agent told them she didn’t think they would make the flight, since they still had to make it through security and to the gate. There was one of the mad dashes through the airport and security (makes you feel safe huh?) to get to the gate, just before the door was about to close. They did manage to get on the flight. From Mad Dog’s retelling of the story Gabrielle was non-too-happy with her Mother. Which does put a happy spin on Gabrielle’s arrival.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 17, 2009.

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