Like Father, Like Son? – No Not So Much!

I had started my day out with a blog post idea, but after events of the day I have to change that thought. Today was Mad Dog’s day off with the kids. This day usually beings many things – a trip to the library, some house work, and often a phone call from his Father. Today was no different, however the phone call went much different then usual.

For those who don’t follow my blog you can reference December 22 on “50% Off All Holiday Traditions and Drama“. It would seem that action of my posting on Facebook on December 22 out of complete outrage and hurt resulted Mad Dog’s Step-Sister (by the way – they are no longer friends on FB with us) telling his Father and Step-Mother what I wrote. For anyone who missed it: “Kimberly is finally home and would like to make a notation: If you ask what someone’s kids want for a gift and are given a list by the parents – don’t go buying something not on the list and give it to said child 3 days before CHRISTMAS without asking said parent if they might purchase this is for said child! Because the Parent might just have had their heart set on seeing their Child open that gift X-mas morning from Santa.”

Needless to say, Mad Dog’s Father and family don’t understand why I was so upset. This is mainly because they are A) NEVER WRONG and B) ARE COMPLETE MATERIALISTIC. After explaining our issues multiple times to his Father, Mad Dog gave up saying that -If he didn’t understand, there was no use in him explaining it again. Curt’s answer to this was to say that Louise was very hurt by what I wrote, and Mad Dog stated I was very hurt by the whole thing. This was an impasse, since we knew Curt wouldn’t apologize since he is always right, and Mad Dog wasn’t apologizing because we were justified.

We doubt we’ll hear from them for a while, if ever (Mad Dog doesn’t think it will be never, but it will be a very long time). I’m sorry this happened, however I will not apologize for what I’ve said, felt or done. What I am sorry about is that now Curt has drive his only final blood relative possibly away. He doesn’t talk with his daughter, Michelle (Mad Dog’s older sister) or Jeff (Mad Dog’s younger brother). He has alienated all of them.

Lex’s 3rd Birthday, his coming up in the end of February and I already explained (prior to the phone call today) to Mad Dog that we would be extending an invitation to them to join us in the celebration. However I did add, that this would be the last invite if they do not come. They didn’t come to last years party and had made an excuse for this First Birthday prior to it being canceled due to illness. There is always something, that prevents them from coming (and keeps them from having to see Mad Dog’s other family). Of course because of today and the events of the last weeks, they most likely won’t come, which will be a self fulfilling prophecy.

Oh – I forgot to mention this (I love this)…they thought that my Mom’s comment on the status above was an attack on them! She wrote: “Just to let you all know it was not me….I know better I just buy whats on the list…” An attack? How self-involved can you be?


~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 30, 2009.

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