Mom, It’s Cold Outside!

One of my fondest memories of childhood was spending New Years Eve Day in Boston with my family. The whole family went, and since I was the oldest I usually brought a long a friend or two on the trip. My Father, who grew up in Mission Hill, would drive us all in to the city where we would park on Huntington Avenue by the YMCA. From there we would walk down to the Prudential Center and through the mall and hotels to Copley Square, where we would see the first of the Ice Sculptures. Since it was early in the day we were able to witness the ice being sculpted before our eyes. From there we would move down Boylston Street, passing and sometimes stopping in FAO Schwartz and down to the Public Gardens and the Boston Common for more Ice Sculptures. After that we would walk through Downtown Crossing and to Fanueil Hall/Quincy Market. This is where we would eat lunch and shop from the carts and shops of North and South Market. Then we would walk or take the train back to the car. By the time we got back to the car we were exhausted. We could only managed to stay up long enough when we got home to eat our Chinese food, before crashing.  

In college, I carried on the tradition with friends from college. Taking the walk later in the day, into the night to see the ice scupltures- staying up for the fireworks over the harbor and having an Italian Sausage on the walk back to the dorms. 

Today we followed that tradition with our kids. Though they are younger and the weather wasn’t the best it could have been today I think everyone had a good time. We bundled the kids up, placing them in multiple layers of clothing and headed off. It wasn’t as cold as it had been, so being outside was bearable. Lex was excited about the ice sculptures and as always was Boston’s Welcome Ambassador. Loki was bundled up like a little Indomitable Snowman and really not able to move much, but she smiled all they way. We ate lunch at Quincy Market and walked down to Haymarket station so Lex could ride the train, not before Gigi bought a book on Haunted Boston from the Boston Historical Society.  We cut our trip short, skipping Copley Square this year, which worked out well, since on the trip home Loki got sick in the car.

We got everyone home and cleaned up. Loki is snug in her bed for a little new years eve nap, while Mad Dog and Gigi read in the living room and Lex plays in his bedroom. I’m planning on making some paper hats for our New Years celebration, and Mad Dog is planning out our order for Chinese food. Though I wish my Dad was here with us to have joined in our continued tradition, I know he was here in spirit and at heart. Maybe next year, my brother, Kevin will join us again or if Sean is here. I think they would get a kick out this little trip down memory lane too. 

Next year will be even better, with Lex and Loki being a little older. We start a new year full of fun new adventures and mischief. Another year, full of things learned and places to go. We wish our friends and family a safe and Happy New Year and hope you can join us on the Road to Nowhere in 2010. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on December 31, 2009.

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