75% Past the First Week

I’ve been think about resolutions this week. Who hasn’t, huh? Mad Dog has made his known and even set up a blog for them at WhoKnowsWhyNot. I’m very impressed. I have my doubts about casting resolutions, finding the general announcement of the New Year Resolution usually means by March (I’m being optimistic here) the resolution has been forgotten. For those people who hold true to their Resolutions throughout the year I give them special credit. I mean most of the gyms in the United States would be out of business if it weren’t for the New Years Resolution. Weigh Watchers wouldn’t have a MASS sign-up in January if it weren’t for them and you can throw organizational (businesses), health food shops and dating services on the pile as well.

I think this is why I started my weight loss before the new year, even in the midst of travel and the holidays. I think the commitment held true for me. I’m not saying that it can’t be done, I’m just saying I CAN’T DO IT. Loki is even jumping on the resolution band wagon. She said she is going to make the following resolutions: 1) To Walk 2) To Give up “the bottle” and 3) To torture Lex just a little bit more this coming year. Personally I think they are all very easy resolutions, but she feels she must make them. Lex said he would like: 1) To Potty Train 2) To get better at his Numbers and Letters and 3) to get back to Disney before I go nuts from telling him “NOT NOW”.

Did I make any resolutions for the New Year? No, I didn’t. I do however to do a few thing this year, but wouldn’t call them resolutions (I said I wouldn’t call them – this doesn’t mean you can’t):

1.) Continue my search for my “Cute Fan Girl Body”. This of course means to exercise more, which is something I’ve been trying to do since like October.

2) To take more photos and hone my shooting eye. Again I’ve been working on this more and more. I honestly feel I’m getting better, but I could still learn a thing or two.

3) To reconnect with my Friends more. This has been an on going struggle with where we live and our schedules, but I plan on making more of an effort this year.

4) I was going to type that I wanted to document more of the kids with their grandparents for this one. I know that I am always shooting Lex and Loki with Nonna and my Mom, but since I’m not usually around when Mad Dog’s parents are here I don’t have a lot of good photos of them with the kids. This of course will be far more difficult now that Mad Dog’s Father and Step-Mother are not talking with us, but I will make a effort to capture more of Mad Dog’s Mom with the kids.

5) Make time for Mad Dog. We had tried the whole date-night things when were first had Lex, and it was difficult because we didn’t have anyone to watch him, so this reduced date-night to quiet time with movie after he went to bed. I would like to try to make an effort for us to go out together, or visit with friends without the Monkeys. Some time for us to be adults. 

It’s something to put on To Do List for the year.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 2, 2010.

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