Enjoy the Silence

Today our lives go back to normal, we’ll at least mine did at 8:30 this morning. Today Gabrielle goes home to Wisconsin. I think I’ve explained it before we do love having her here, but it does throw our lives in complete chaos. From our living room being taken over by the Jonas Brothers, Teen Beat, Twilight, and JFK. The last 3 weeks have had their ups and downs. We have seen her grow from trying new food (veggie sushi and raviolis) on Christmas Day (Thank you, Uncle Brent!)  and yet still turning to her helpless side, when she is unable to open the pantry (which Lex can unlock and get into though we try to keep him out) and having to check on her every 15 minutes at bedtime (when Lex and Loki go down with no checking). I think the biggest thing I’m happy I won’t have to hear anymore is, Lex getting upset because Gigi has locked him out of something or told him to “go away”.

We are now just left with the ghost of her visit. A random glove left behind, a book (or many books) not put away, a Barbie doll left out and cough drop/candy wrappers left EVERYWHERE! I have started going through and organizing toys, books and general stuff to make some sense of it all. Come the summer we’ll have new rules, new tools, and a new focus for the summer. For now, I’m grateful for “quiet” time with Lex and Loki before nap time for us all.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 2, 2010.

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