100 Miles to Find Healthy Options

A while back I had mentioned the 100 Mile Diet which Mad Dog and I had learned about thanks to Planet Green. Mad Dog and I are planning on making a serious attempt at incorporating this into our life style in the next coming months. I will be honest I don’t think we can completely go 100 mile, but we hope go as far as we can with the resources around us. 

Last summer we started with joining an CSA through Nourse Farm. We purchased a 1/2 of share and loved it. We tried new things and started eating healthier. This year we are talking about purchasing a whole share, but that will involve us being better about our selections and storage of the food. If we do purchase a whole share I’m going to look a more canning options this year.We also had planned on joining a CSF (Community Supported Fishery), but didn’t in the end due to lack of communication form the organization. We are going to research this more and make another attempt this year. 
Another local options we have been enjoying for several years now, is Maple Syrup. Yes, we live in New England and this shouldn’t be an issue when it comes the 100 Mile Diet, but more importantly we are helping a local business and a great friend. Our friend Patrick owns Occasional Creek Maple. We have watched his operation grow and have enjoyed our weekend pancakes with something special thanks to him and his family. Mad Dog is setting to pre-order our syrup for the year and we recommend you join us! 

Tomorrow we will take our next step in navigating local options, when we travel to Adams Farm in Athol, MA. We will be purchasing our first selection of meats from them. We’ll be purchasing fresh, pasture raised, meat products with no added hormones or antibiotics.  The last part of the statement has never been a big concern to me, but if given the option at an affordable price I will take it anytime. We’ll let you know how it is. 

This coming summer, I’m planning on taking full advantage of our local options and visits to meet the people who make those options possible. I also, want the kids to learn more about this as we go. I want them to try new things and learn about where the food we eat comes from. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on January 17, 2010.

2 Responses to “100 Miles to Find Healthy Options”

  1. Thanks for the plug, Kim! I suppose I’ll need to go out and pick up some of those Local Hero bumper stickers!

  2. Anytime Patrick! Trust me, I’ll be pushing it to anyone, anytime and anywhere I can! I think I might have to take a pint to work for sampling!

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