The Excuse Factory is Out of Answers and Out of Time

I’m not in the best mood right now, which sucks since I had a good day and had plans to enjoy Lost this evening. This evening while cooking dinner, Mad Dog told me he talked with his Father. I should have know from this point on I was going to be annoyed. He mentioned that Curt started his “Oh – we’re going to come for a visit in the next few Tuesdays” act. There was mention of them having a Birthday gift for Lex. Mad Dog at this point mentioned nicely that we were having a birthday party for Lex and that the invite would be received in the next day or so. This of course sent the “Excuse Factory” into overdrive. Sadly the factory has no good copy writers on hand, because the first think out of Curt’s mouth is that Louis is on a wait list for a Federal Grand Jury. This means that she has to call in every Friday to see if she has to appear Monday for the Federal Grand Jury. Mad Dog quickly says, “Well, the party is on a Sunday afternoon.”  This send the “Excuse Factory” into a red alert, def-con 5. Curt comes back with, we’ll you know Louis has been helping Jenn with the new baby – you know she had that “surgery”. That “surgery” is called a C-section. Mad Dog say, “Yeah, the same one Kim had!” 

At this point in the story I almost put my hand fist first through the metal casing of our gas stove. Yes, something out of the Terminator or something, because my blood is BOILING. This ignorant man has just tried to use a c-section again us. Us, or I should say ME, who had a c-section, came home to take care of NOT 1 child, but 2 – ALONE, for several days before my body decided to HEMORRHAGE. I bled out. I managed to call an ambulance, talk Michael, my Mother and Brother, Kevin through me being okay and getting them all to Worcester while still keeping myself alive, taking care of and calming Lex and preparing to go the hospital (getting Lex’s Monkey friends so he wasn’t scared on the ambulance ride) and coordinating the EMTs and Paramedics to take the kids with us while almost passing out from the loss of blood, which I had to have a blood transfusion for, while I should have been home nursing my new baby girl. So you’re telling me your Step Daughter can’t take care of her own daughter on a Sunday afternoon without her Mother for a few hours while you celebrate your Grandson’s 3rd Birthday (and only birthday you would have attended) because she had a surgery and a new born. 

Okay, okay…I know I’m being irrational. I know I’m not human. I’ve been called a Cyborg. I have USB ports surgically implanted in my skin, and some people have said my Mother formed me from a lump of magic clay, but give me a bloody break (no pun intended)! It’s not that hard – people raise kids without help all the time. In fact unless you’re the F-ing Duggers don’t go looking for sympathy here. There are woman who have children all over the world and then go back to work within moments or days of doing so. Get a back bone and suck it up! If you can’t don’t bother reproducing! (Yes, it’s that simple!)

As I have previously stated when it comes to this subject, that this is the last invite we are extending to this side of Mad Dog’s family. If they do not attend Lex’s party, they will not be invited to any other functions relating to our family. We are not telling them this, which some people might find unfair. If we tell them it will only be out of guilty or fear that they come, not for Lex. Mad Dog has said if they don’t he will explain to Curt that, that was their last invite. We are done with courtesy. 

I am angry, that Lex and Loki don’t have my Father here to here, but have this Man who could careless about anyone but himself. A man who claims to be SO hurt by his own children (Mad Dog’s Brother and Sister) not wanting him in his life, is so self-centered that he doesn’t see the hurt he causes Mad Dog or our kids. I am very grateful for my Mother’s Husband Stuart. He is Lex’s Papa Stuart. He makes Loki smile and takes them for walks. He loves them and they love him. I am also grateful that my Father is out there, watching over Lex and Loki. Their Papa John protects them and loves them from afar. 

I don’t think science should be working on how to pick the sex of your child or the genetic traits our children should have. What it should be doing is working on a way to get ride of the bad traits of the adults in those children’s lives. Smoking, drugs and drinking would be a start, but the more important issues are selfishness, coldness, and crudity.  If there is indeed a call for test subjects, I have a few candidates for it. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 3, 2010.

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