His Name is Lex

There is a little man in my life that has touched my heart and frustrated me all at the same time. From the moment we found out I was pregnant we knew that he was going to be our Little Man. We can’t say how, but we knew he was going to be boy. We projected a personality on to this little life, and he has not only lived up to that personality, but he has surpassed it finding his own wonderful ways to amaze us.

Three years ago, I found myself checking into the hospital with Mad Dog with my Mom, brother (Kevin) and Grandmother on their way from Eastern Massachusetts. A day early I was working, preparing for my Zombie Survival seminar I was teaching with a friend at work. At that morning appointment the Doctor said I was ready to go. I was dilated and it could happen anytime. I was two weeks early and just had my baby shower the 3 days before. We weren’t ready, and I wasn’t ready to leave work. So, the long walks and spicy food would have to wait.

The rush of work that day was intense, and I’m surprise even now that I didn’t go into labor there. Power Point presentation, display set-ups and nerves made up the day. That evening we had the most successful non-author event at Barnes & Noble Enfield.  More than 50 people showed and we were surrounded. My partner in crime, Steve and I talked the talk. We got a lot of laughs and even provoked some serious discussion. In another words – We rocked it, to the point where people stayed and asked us questions (even the sicko who asked about “tapping” a zombie – Eww!). It was an amazing feeling and a relief. I had made it through the even with my water. I was told at the end of the night, “Okay, you can go give birth now!” and I did (for the most part).

The next morning I woke at 7ish, thought I felt something and went back to sleep. Ten minutes later I woke up again. Went back to sleep. Ten minutes after that I woke again. Third time is the charm. I thought to myself “maybe I should call someone”. I called Mad Dog at work and they called me back 5 minutes later. They (Mad Dog and their Cafe Manager, Sheri) thought I should take a hot shower, to see if this was real and not a false alarm. I took a shower and things continued. Mad Dog rushed home (a whole 5 minutes from BN Holyoke) and we headed to the hospital.

At 5:46 PM that day Lex was born. He was 7 lbs 11 ounces and 20 inches long. Mad Dog welcomed him into the world by saying “Welcome to the human race!” He was so small, and he relied completely on Mad Dog and I. Now, three years later – he is his own person, he doesn’t need us for much of anything. He is sedative, telling us when a cartoon character in a movie is sad. He is head strong going back to things time and time again when he can’t do it, or he is told not to. He is loving, giving hugs and kisses even to his little sister Loki. He has an imagination and walks that line between reality and the imaginary world like I did as a child. He loves to learn, from cooking to drawing, from science to history (even at age 3) he finds wonder in everything we do. He loves to travel and meet new people (to a fault sometimes). In his three short years, he has attended book signings, CD signings, comic book conventions and flown to Disney land. He has meet the likes of the Barenaked Ladies, Art Baltazar, Jim Lee, Adam Hughes, Mark Waid, Amanda Connor, and had Dan Didio (VP of DC Comics) hold him up to the DC Nation.

I look at him and I see some of my childhood. I see the things missing from it too. My Father, who I know is watching him from afar. My Uncle Jerry, who would see the mischievousness of my Father and myself in him. I see the wonder in all he does. I have hopes for him. He is my Little Chef, my Little Artist and even Little Superhero. He knows how to touch me, and when to let me see myself in him. He knows when He needs to be independent and when he needs to ask for help. He has found his personality and wears it like a t-shirt. You take him or leave him. For those who leave him, they are missing out on a wonder. For those who take him to heart they are better for it and so is he. He knows his family and they know him. He is my Little Monkey, my Little Man, but most of all he is Lex.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 21, 2010.

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