Little Green Loki

I know most people hate Monday mornings. I know I usually do to  point, but today I have a special distain for this Monday.

This morning started out as any other, kids up, breakfast, dressed and cars heated. We were out to door on time, but not as early as we would like. Mad Dog and I both had tummy trouble, but managed to get out the door. Lex, Loki and I filed into my car and headed out. Lex was all worked up about this day, playing his Leapester while Loki was grouchy. So grouchy that Lex had to point out he was happy!

The drive went like any other or so it seemed. I checked back at Loki and noticed she had spit up a little. Not too much, but enough to notice. When I got to Dunkin’ Donuts, which I stopped at since I promised Lex if we got out of the store early I got out to clean Loki up. This same thing happened several weeks ago, and after the inital puke, she was fine. I gave her a munchkin and thought we would have the same result as several weeks ago (which was she was perfectly fine). This was not the case. A few bites of the munchkin and she puked again! All over what I had just cleaned up.

I continued on, dropping Lex off at daycare and leaving Loki in the car while I did it. She was not happy, looking very pitiful. Luckily for me, one of the parents from daycare had left a bunch of girls clothes for me. Loki and I headed for my Mom’s. She closed her eyes and rested on the short ride over. I went into the house, grabbed a towel and headed out for her, wrapping her in a towel burrito. I cleaned her up and found a shirt in the bag she could wear and an pair of shorts that had been bought for Lex (and never worn). She is playing with Nona right now, and I’m blogging.

I don’t know what is setting her off. She has a cold again, nose running and a little cough. We don’t know if it’s the post-nasual drip and the car ride that sets her off. The two times it has happened these have been the variables. She’s quiet now, watching a little tv. Hopefully she is feeling better.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 22, 2010.

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