Brown Eggs are Local Eggs and Local Eggs are…OMG!

In recent months I have tooting of the horn of local farms, organizations and the eating local concept. This is something that if you continue to read this blog I will probably talk about even more in the upcoming months, since I have made a goal to start purchasing 50% of our groceries from local sources over the next few months.

One of our recent finds is Adams Farm in Athol, MA., or otherwise dubbed as “The Meat Farm” by my friend Stacy. Their meat is amazing and the prices are great. We have worked it that one visit will get us through a months worth of dinners. Along with their meat, we have picked up Eggs from them which come from Diemand Farms in Wendell, MA. Mad Dog picked up two dozen local eggs. When we got home we had a wonderful surprise! These weren’t just eggs, these were SUPER EGGS! This caused Mad Dog to say that he thought we might have bought Ostridge eggs. Later when I took a look at the eggs I asked “What the hell size chicken did that come from?” I would also like to note that on more than one occasion, we have had double yokes from these Super Eggs.

When we went grocery shopping today, we needed to pick up a dozen or so, since we are down to our last 5 Super Eggs. This was a great disappointment when I got home and put them away. Looking at todays purchase I found myself unsatisfied. In the photograph taken above, the egg to the left is today’s purchase and the egg to the right is the Super Egg. Both eggs were described as Large Brown Eggs, both were about the same price, but the Super Eggs were well – SUPER!

Another reason to shop locally. It’s fresh, it’s bigger and it’s yummier!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 27, 2010.

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