Gordan Ramsey Watch Out!

Can you tell I’m home with the kids for the day? I usually blog more when I’m home all day with them. Today was a fun day. We started our day out with running errands at Target. The shopping trip came to an end with a wonderful Target Supports Education Event for Read Across America. They had staff members reading Dr. Seuss books to kids, coloring/activity sheets and goody bags full of treats. Lex and Loki listened to the Cat in the Hat and Lex signed Dr. Seuss’s Birthday Card with my help. From there we moved onto Stop and Shop, where we did a little divide and conquer. Mad Dog with the kids and me shopping for the odds and ends we didn’t pick up at Target.

The rest of the day was full of play, naps and a little cooking. For Lex’s third Birthday we thought we would foster his love of cooking. He is always asking to help, from getting ingredients to mixing the batter to whatever I’m making. He usually runs to get his Home Depot apron when he ready to cook. Because of all of this, I hunted far and wide and found an apron set made in just his size. We bought a container with a handle and place the apron set, complete with wooden spoon, rolling pin, oven mitt, hot pad, tea towel, apron and chef hat.  I also picked up a DK cook book called Cook It Together, a small set of measuring spoons, spatulas and a whisk. He love it. Keeping it in the kitchen so he is ready at a moments notice.

I had planned to ask him to pick a recipe out of the cookbook for us to make today before we went grocery shopping, but in all the craziness that didn’t happen. After nap I picked out a recipe and started pulling together the ingredients while Lex played in the living room. Corn Fritters was our first attempt. I chopped up the scallions, separated the egg white/yoke and got everything laid out. Lex prepared by putting on his apron, his hat and he insisted on wearing the oven mitt. We mixed the ingredients, counting the spoonfuls and what each ingredient was. He did very well. Got a little excited mixing things, but it all stayed in the bowl. After finishing the mix, he put the dirty dishes in the sink and put away his apron while I cooked on the stove top.

The final product was very yummy. Lex, Loki and I had them for dinner this evening and saved a few for Mad Dog when he comes home. I think its something I’m going to make time and time again with him. I even dated the bottom of the page of the cookbook, with the date and that it was our first recipe. Something to remember it all by. I think later I might make a cookbook for the recipes we make as a family and the pictures I take of the food and process. I also am going to make Loki a cooking kit, so when she gets older she can get in on the fun.

I think it’s one of the most important things I can teach them. I don’t want them growing up thinking things come from a box and that the microwave is the only way to cook. I learned a lot from my Grandmother’s Kitchen when I was a kid from both my Grandmother and Great-Grandmother. I still remember the smells of that kitchen. I still cook some of the recipes from my childhood. More importantly I find it important that the learn to eat right and eat fresh. I know treats are treats, but they need to learn how to enjoy food. I don’t want it to a something the turn to when their bored or upset. I want them to enjoy it for the tastes, the memories it can create and the excitement of trying new things. My Little Chef has started on his way and hopefully down a road of “Good Eats“.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on February 27, 2010.

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