Every Moment Counts

I feel like I’ve been writing forever! This is the 4 post I’ve done between my 3 active blogs. Think I’m done? Not even close.

This weekend was special, Mad Dog had off with us. We used our time wisely as always, balancing family time with errands, and sourcing local foods with fun. Saturday morning started out early as always. We headed out to Target before Lex and Mad Dog went to their Build and Grow Clinic at Lowe’s. The Clinics are free and take place on Saturday Morning at 10AM. The kids receive a Free Apron, Certificate of Merit upon completions, a project theme patch and the project itself. The Clinics run every two weeks. This week Lex and Mad Dog made a Table Top Basketball game. Mad Dog said Lex did very well using the hammer and listening. They had a great time. You could see how proud he was with his finished project. Mad Dog said there was an even mix of kids both boys and girls with their Mom’s and Dad’s. Later Saturday evening Mad Dog sewed Lex’s Patch on his apron, so that he can wear it proudly next time.

Along with our visits to Target and Stop & Shop I hit Sally Beauty Supply. I decided I needed a little bit of a change and with my new haircut I thought what the hell. From there we took a ride down to the Pawtucket Farmer’s Market which you can read all about on my other blog. A visit to my Mom’s to see my Grandmother freshly home from the hospital, looking very good for a 91 year olds that just had major surgery. The kids got to visit and had lunch. We didn’t stay long, since both Nona and Nana Sandy were tired and Papa Stuart would be arriving home soon from his long drive back from Florida.

Home again for peanut butter sandwiches for dinner (Loki had jelly because Lex said she likes it), tv and bed for the little ones. Loki had a ROUGH day, since she didn’t really nap much and when she doesn’t nap everything goes wrong. She split her lip open and bleed all over Mad Dog and she hit her head about 10 times before giving up and over to sleep. Lex held on strong before passing out. This left me to my own little project with the supplies I picked up from Sally’s earlier that day.

I have been blonde forever, with a few small exceptions in College when I was strawberry blonde. Though my Blonde is no longer natural, it’s still my hair color. Today I decided to go red, well burgundy. Yeah, I know – WHAT? Mad Dog assisted with the back and I did the front. I did leave my underside, my natural ash brown color. The process took a half an hour. Since the kids were in bed and I didn’t want to wake them, I had to wait to let it dye naturally to see the complete end result. Both Mad Dog and I like it, it’s different and I think I will need to get use to it, but like so many things this to will pass. Mad Dog took the final picture, since I was having a terrible time getting it right in the mirror this time.

Today was more running around – see other blog, before stopping at Toys R Us in Leominster, MA so Mad Dog could buy LEGOs (yeah, I know he works for Lego, why would he go to a Toys R Us for Legos!) so he could get a Chrome Stormtrooper. Walking around the store checking out the toys, Mad Dog ran into my old boss from Barnes and Noble in Enfield, Sam. We knew he had going to Toys R Us, but was in complete shock to find him here, since he lives in Connecticut. We caught up, and he was amazed at how big Lex had gotten (I was the CRM in Enfield, CT when I was pregnant with Lex when I was there. Didn’t think of it until after, but I should have thanked Sam for his advise – have them one right after the other, you’re not going to sleep for a few years might as well get it all out of the way at once. I will never forget that and he was completely right! I love having them so close together, it has it’s moments of stress, but it’s worth it.

It’s been a very long weekend and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you Mad Dog, Lex and Loki for making every moment worth it.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on March 14, 2010.

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