35 year in the Making…

Tomorrow is March 20th. It will be my 35th birthday. 35 years – it’s kind of hard to believe. I don’t feel 35 and yet I feel old sometimes.
One of my favorite things to do is to look at old pictures, probably why I love taking photos as well. Photographs usually mark memorable moments in our lives – Births, baptisms, birthdays, holidays and vacations.
 Rarely do they mark sad moments – who takes photos at funerals or times of sickness.

They capture us at a time when we full of innocence and hope. They give our ancestors a link to our history. Giving them a glimpse of themselves in a different time and place.

What are some of my strongest memories of my life?
The smells of my Grandmother’s Kitchen on David Terr. in Norwood.

The Banana Splits in Channel 56 in the afternoon. The Tra La La song is still my happy place song.

My Dad singing “You are My Sunshine” to me. Something I do to Loki now.
My Grandfather, the Barber cutting my hair in the kitchen.
Weekend trips to Nana Fletcher’s to take her grocery shopping.

“Cemetery-Runs” with the whole family.
The candy dish in my Great-Grandmother’s room.
Playing bar at my Aunt Jo’s in the basement with my cousin.
My first kiss on a nature hike and the rose necklace.

Rides to the Old Country Store.
Being eaten by an Alligator under Kevin’s bed.
Neighborhood Night-tag.
Making music videos.

My first job at Eastco.
My First R.I.S.D. portfolio critique.
Private Art Lesson in Corey’s shed.
My Second R.I.S.D. portfolio critique.
The 3rd floor of Smith Hall.
Seeing Visions of Light at the Coolidge Corner Theater.
All night Film Shoot in Southie and then throwing up.

Smashing furniture at Baker Hall with the Summer Crew.

Cooking in J.P. with Michael and Steve. 

Putting Steve on the “Bus” in Vacaville.
Seeing Locopalooza in Worcester.
Sitting in the Manchester Airport saying good-bye.
 Going to Garbage.

Going to California to see my Dad.
The last three weeks with my Dad in March/April 2001.
Photo shoots with Liz.
Saving Sean from a lifetime of hell in Colorado.

Trips to Rockport with the Divas (Kevin included)

Every date with Mad Dog. (Rice Crispy Treats in Borders, Denny’s at 2 in the morning, East Heaven Spa).
Mad Dog proposing singing Tra La La in our living room in Chicopee.
Finding out we were pregnant in the Braintree Mall.
Zombie Survival Seminar.
Giving Birth to Lex.
Red Bones on our Wedding Day.
Baltimore with Lex and Mad Dog for our first comic con.
Lex and Loki meeting for the first time.
Laying on the floor waiting for Mad Dog and the Ambulance.

Lex saying “Love you too.”
Swimming in Shaker Pond with all the kids and Mad Dog.
Our Trip to Disney.
Our Baltimore Trip with the kids.
As part of my 35th birthday, I’m planning on making a photo journal of my day and the people I’ll spend it with.

~ by Cute Fan Girl on March 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “35 year in the Making…”

  1. I am *beyond* honored to have made it onto this list!

    Let’s get together and cook again soon. I need some guidance on the local thing and am so impressed with how you have embraced it.

    I’d just add one very important (to me) item to your list:

    Introduced Marny and Michael

  2. You have been a very important friend in my life and thought I couldn’t put all those memories in J.P. I had to mark some. Cooking with you and Steve was always the highlight of being in J.P. Along with Introducing you and Marny, Producing Pudding for Steve and the Gyrating Cat should be added to this list.

    We will get together an cook soon. Promise! I am hoping to find more local interests to share.

  3. Wow…this one nearly brought a tear…because I remember some of those same things….the can’t in Nona’s room, the bar stools in Auntie Jo’s basement, and just the kitchen in general at David Terr. Sitting on the stool getting my hair cut, and getting wacked off the back of the head for moving by Papa. I can still remember the big Nipper from EASTCO. Those last couple of weeks with dad…and you had to bring up Colorado, im glad that is a strong memory you keep of me, it couldn’t be that I brought Tiffany into the family…or im Lex’s favorite Uncle… Those are some great Memories..

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