Celebrating 35

As I logged the other day, March 20th was my 35th birthday. As part of the day I made an effort to take photos of my day and the activities I did and the people I saw. This is the photo journal of that day. I would like to thank the people who made the day special: Mad Dog, Lex, Loki, Kevin, Brent, my Mom, Stuart and Nona. I would also like to thank the people who sent birthday wishes from afar.

The day started early with Lex coming into the bedroom for his breakfast and cartoons. When Loki awoke, Mad Dog took the two of them out of our room and let me sleep in. To keep thinks quiet in the house so I could get some needed rest, Mad Dog took the kids for donuts and to Elms Park for a little playtime. I didn’t sleep as nearly as long as Mad Dog thought, I was up by 8:30AM.

I started my morning out by taking a look at myself in the mirror. They say you can see the years people have lived in their eyes. I don’t know if I see 35 years in mine, but I could see a little sleepiness. I woke that morning with my nose even more stuff than the day before. I called Mad Dog to tell him I was up and it was safe for him to come home. He dropped the kids off and went back out to grab me Dunkin Donuts, since the few in our area don’t have drive thrus. He brought me back a Lite Latte with a caramel shot, a bacon egg and cheese breakfast wrap. He also picked up 5 munchkins, since he knew the kids would want something else from DD. I stole one of the chocolate munckins. The night before the kids and Mad Dog gave me my birthday gifts. One being a tripod for my camera and the other The Umbrella Academy: Dallas graphic novel (WHICH I CAN’T TO READ!). I tried to sit down while eating my breakfast, but each time I started the first page, Lex or Loki called me for one reason or another.

We showered and got packed to head to Mansfield. Since my original birthday plans got canceled and my brother, Kevin, and brother-in-law, Brent arranged with Mad Dog and my Mom for us to go out and for her to watch the kids. I got dressed, dried my hair and actually put on make-up (I think the last time I wore full make-up was to a co-workers wedding last summer). I put on jeans and a blouse I bought with the gift card my brother Sean and sister-in-law, Tiffany sent me. I took a moment while Mad Dog shaved to take a picture of myself in Loki’s room. The kids played until we  got ready to go.

On the way out to Mansfield we picked up lunch at Burger King. Kids meals for the kids produced two “girl” toys, which happened to be these barrettes with pink hair on them. Lex thought they were neat and wore them on an off for part of the day, however wouldn’t allow photos to be taken of them. 

Mansfield was as crazy as ever. Keeping Nona from picking up Loki to sit on her lap, the kids asking for snacks and the dog running around. We kept the kids up from their nap to help with us leaving. We had early reservations in Dedham at Met Bar & Grill at Dedham Legacy, but thought we would walk around the plaza and shop a little before eating. Brent and Kevin showed and we put the kids down for their naps, separating them in the guest room and Nona’s room.

Part of my reason for picking Dedham Legacy was complete because I could go to Paper Source (I know it’s pitiful.) We walked around from shop to shop before heading to Met for an early dinner. The reason I picked Met Bar & Grill was because though it is a “steakhouse” it has some unique dishes I would like to check out. We were seated in a booth in the middle of the restaurant. Though I had looked at the menu the night before, I had a hard time deciding what to have. Kevin as just as stumped. Mad Dog was the only one that knew that he was having within a minute of being handed the menu.

I has a half & half (half lemonade & half ice tea) to drink. Kevin ordered two appetizers for us to try Chili Fried Calamari (Sishito Peppers/Garlic/Lime Leaf/Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce) and the Met Flatbread (Spinach & Artichoke ‘Dip’/Asiago Cheese/Crispy Artichoke Hearts).  General consensus was it was very good. I’m sad to say my nose being stuffed up made it very difficult for me to taste anything. This drove me nuts, since I don’t see the point of eating if you can’t taste anything. I know we have to eat for nourishment, but I don’t care to when I can’t taste things. The Sweet & Spicy Dipping Sauce did come through a little, which the guys thought would help me taste the rest of my meal. They thought I would be brilliant of me to do a shot of the remaining sauce to clean out my sinuses.


Mad Dog ordered from the Burger Bar. He ordered a Salmon Burger done L.A. Style (Avocado/Lettuce/Spouts/Roasted Garlic Mayo on a Sesame Seed Bun) with a side of Sweet Potato Planks (which are long slices of sweet potatoes with a fried batter on them).

Brent ordered the Cedar Miso Salmon (Green Tea/Cucumbers/Pickled Vegetables).

Kevin ordered the Pristine Yellow Fin Tuna (Tuna/Wasabi Crusted/Shitake  Mushroom Sticky Rice/ Edamame/ Bok Choy). It was very pretty!

I decided on the Pan Seared Diver Scallops (Sauteed Arugula/ Candied Garlic Vinaigrette). It was very good.

After dinner we talked about dessert, but decided against it since we had cake waiting back at my Mom’s for us. Sitting waiting for the check we saw that two kids sitting at the bar with their Mom were being given Cotten Candy. I thought that was so cool. When the waiter came back with the check, Mad Dog asked if I could get a Cotten Candy. I felt silly, but was so excited and would have totally used my Birthday card to get some if I had to. There was much discussion at the table trying to figure out what flavor it was. Since I couldn’t taste it (I would probably would have been able to tell them) I had to take their word that it was kiwi. I love the picture of Mad Dog “eating” the cotton candy. It looks like its actually coming out of his mouth, like something out of The Green Mile.

After dinner the cotton candy brought on an urge to go to Sugar Heaven for some candy goodness. Purchasing candy by the pound can be seriously dangerous. If you don’t believe me just ask Kevin. After candy we stopped at Newbury Comics in Norwood. I haven’t been in a Newbury in a long time. I was kind of horrified by how much they sold out. I think it is honestly wrong that they carry Melissa & Doug toys – what is going on this is Newbury Comics! Our final stop was Target before heading to my Mom’s for cake and games.

Once at the house, they lit the candles and Lex helped me blow them out. Everyone enjoyed some cake before we started playing a domino game called “Chicken Foot”. I was lucky to be on the winning team with Nona, Stuart and Kevin. Both Lex and Loki got to stay up past their bedtime and have extra sweets. By the time we were done everyone was exhausted. Mad Dog, Lex and I retired to the guest room and were fast asleep in no time. 

Overall it was a great day. Thank you for helping me celebrate it. 

~ by Cute Fan Girl on March 21, 2010.

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