The Other Side of the Coin

Since I got pregnant with Lex, Mad Dog has had a issue with the Baby/Parenting Industry. I think my earliest memory of this was when I picked up a copy of Your Pregnancy for the Father-to-Be. I will admit this is a terrible book, however having said this I honestly believe it is written with a certain type of “Father-to-Be” in mind. The type of man who is a “sperm donor”. The book tells the Father-to-Be that he should go to doctor appoints, help with dinner since their partner will be tired, that they should offer to rub her feet, etc. Mad Dog was very insulted by the writing and topics in the book.

From there it moved on to my “Parenting” and “Parents” magazines. He was annoyed that the magazines featured stories mainly focused on Moms and Mom issues, with maybe a throw-away article on being a Dad and what Dad’s do wrong. I understood his aggravation with this, but honestly I though we was over reacting.

Mad Dog is an amazing Father. He goes out of the way to be there for his kids and connect with them in anyway possible.  I think the biggest thing is that he connects with them, something he didn’t have (and doesn’t have) with his own Father.

Where is this going? It has culminated in a new project/venture. He has started a new blog called Raising The Next Generation. I think this is a wonderful idea. I promise him I will be his biggest critic and supporter all at the same time.  Please check it out. I think Road to Nowhere and Raising The Next Generation will give you a complete picture of our family – presenting insight into both sides of our parenting styles, concerns, and observations regarding our lives.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on March 31, 2010.

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