You’ll Think of Me and Wonder Where I Am These Days

In my post Little Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart I talked about my love of music and the diversity of my playlists on my Ipod. When Lex, Loki and I are in the car, I try to get them to listen to different things, since there is honestly only so many times I can listen to Real Gone by Sheryl Crow (not that it’s not an amazing driving song).
Lex is the only one who currently protests the playlists that don’t involve the songs he wants to listen to, but I usually get my way by justifying the song is for me or Loki. Because of this there are songs that now are forever linked with people in our lives. Currently Loki’s songs consist of: You Are My Sunshine by Norman Blake from the Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? soundtrack and Hey Soul Sister by Train and of course Eric Clapton‘s I’ve Got a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart. Lex’s songs are Real Gone by the before mentioned Sheryl Crow and Life is a Highway by Rascal Flatts from the Disney Cars soundtrack and Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney.

Today driving home I put on my Ipod to calm Loki from cry (Lex and I still don’t know what was up with her). After playing Hey Soul Sister for her, I put the Ipod on Shuffle. This of course cause much protest from Lex who wanted to listen to Hey Baby by No Doubt. After a few songs he got distracted and didn’t care what was playing. The next song was End of the Line by The Traveling Wilburys. Lex asked who’s song was that. I explained it was Papa John’s song, which is completely true since the only reason the song is on my Ipod because it complete reminds me of my Dad. I went on to explain him that it was the song for my Daddy, who is in heaven. Lex thought for a moment and then asked, “You miss him?” I said yes I did. He is very sweet and a sensitive kid (he takes after Mad Dog.) By this time the song ended. I started to move on to find a new song (skipping over the audio books that get shuffled into my playlist). He asked “All right again?” The song has “all right” in the chorus. I said “Do you want to hear it again?” He said yes. I clicked back and found the song. With the start of the chorus he started to sing “Alllllrighht”. It was great.
I think the song will from now on be know as Papa John’s and Lex’s song. Well at least to me it will be.


~ by Cute Fan Girl on April 22, 2010.

One Response to “You’ll Think of Me and Wonder Where I Am These Days”

  1. I got teary reading this.

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