Loki: Verdict Afterwards!

In a continued effort to be fair when it comes to my children, this post is all about Loki. Things you might know, things you don’t know and things you don’t want to know.

Loki of course has a very unique name, though there are cases of boys being called Loki there are very few or no documented cases of little girls being called Loki (at least on the internet). She is named for the Norse God of  Mischief, she is her namesake if anyone ever was. Her middle name is Chihiro taken from the Miyazaki film Spirited Away, which means “a thousand questions”. Though we had no way of knowing what Loki’s personality would be I see a lot of Chihiro, the main character of Spirited Away in Loki even at this age.

Loki was born on December 11th, her due date since she arrived via C-Section. She was introduced to her brother Lex later that evening to rave reviews. Lex was very excited about this little person and that she was his baby. We have currently selected and asked someone to be one of her Godparents, my college friend Blue. I think they make a perfect match. I feel Loki and Blue are cut from the same cloth in spirit. She loves to flirt with men, making eyes a people she likes. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, fried zucchini and cheeseburgers. Oh, she also likes jelly on her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches which Lex will remind you each time they are asked (Lex doesn’t like jelly on his, opting only for peanut butter).

She is the opposite of Lex, with brown locks and blue eyes. Unlike Lex she hasn’t attached herself to one “friend”. Her few friends do not travel continuously with her as Lex’s did with him, they sleep in her crib and bedtime is the extent of their time together. Her friends include Anansi, the spider, Harvey, the pink and orange rabbit (a gift from Blue), Iris, her Groovy Girl Doll and Kia-Lan. She loves her big brother, wanting to do whatever he is doing, copying him to a fault.

Loki has a love of drums, which the Easter Bunny encourage with the gift of a pink drum this past Easter. She is calmed with the song You are my Sunshine. She likes to play Duplo, and understands how to connect the blocks. She loves to draw and gets into her art often wearing as much color as gets on the paper.

She has an ugly side. Her temper can rival that of The Hulk‘s. When she is unhappy about something, no one is happy because she doesn’t let you forget it. She is complete Daddy’s little girl and she knows it.  She owns an original piece of art work my comic book artist Franco which hangs over her bed. She has been camping in Maine, to Baltimore Comic-Con, The Crayola Factory in Pennsylvania and to Boston for New Years.

She likes to climb, even taking to the tree house on the swing set at daycare. Loki loves our cat Spirit, hugging her and laying her head on Spirits body using her as a pillow while watching television in our room. When she gets in trouble and does throw a fit, she will hang her head low and wonder off like she has just lost her best friend. Loki gets very upset when things are not just so, if her sock falls off, if the top falls off the back of her marker or if she spills milk crying or calling to you to help her out.

Loki is full of personality, more so than other children her age. She marches to her own beat, unless she is trying to emulate her big brother. She is not a little princess, more like a the Queen of Hearts – would watch out because it might be “OFF WITH YOUR HEAD”!


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 5, 2010.

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