Bend It Like Lex

I feel that Mad Dog and I are very fortunate. We are lucky enough to enjoy life, without much struggle though there are things we just can’t swing at times. One thing that is very important to both of us is that we don’t let thing prevent the kids from experiencing new things. Lex has been lucky enough to do things in his short life that some people don’t experience until they are in their 20’s (or never depending how sheltered their life is).

That leads me to another thought – we don’t feel become a parent is the end of the line for us (which I know some Parents feel). We have never felt that once we had Lex (and now Loki) that our life was put on hold. Things might have to be done slightly differently, things many be cut slightly short or special arrangements might have to be made, but regardless of any of those things we don’t stop doing the things we love to do because of the kids. This includes road trips to comic book conventions (6 hours away), going to impromptu concerts and book signings. What we do is, we make the kids apart of the experience.

As I previously stated, this has lead to experience that the kids might remember and might not (because of their young age), but they are included nonetheless. Okay, so where is this blog post going? Recently I was lucky to win tickets to a New England Revolution game in work. With Mad Dog working that night, I thought I would take Lex on a Momma-Lex Date. The tickets were for the Fidelity Club House at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough. I know taking a 3 year old to Clubhouse seats at a soccer game, seems like a bad idea (don’t think I didn’t think the same thing when we were in the thick of things).

We dropped Loki off at my Mom’s, where she got to have dinner and playtime with Nana Sandy, Nona and Papa Stuart.  Lex and I took off for Gillette, arriving just before the start of the game. Lex was very excited, though he thought he was going to get to play soccer not just watch it, a concept that was a little difficult to explain to him. I haven’t been to a Revolution game in like 6 years or so – I didn’t remember it being so crowded. After entering the stadium we walked through, Lex explaining to me that he didn’t want anything to eat and me trying to find where we needed to go. He finally decided that he was hungry and wanted chicken and fries. We grabbed food and asked where we should head for the clubhouse.

After walking 18 miles back in the other direction and showing our tickets to just about every guard/staff in the stadium, moving through about a million check points before being let into the Clubhouse. Lex pulled me along extremely excited to get to our seats, until I opened the door leading from the clubhouse to our seats. Looking down he got scared to walk out without holding my hand. We took our time walking down to our seats and tried to settle in. Lex didn’t like his seat, probably because stadium seats flip up like those at a movie theater and kids always feel they are not able to weigh it down enough. He opted to sit on the step next to him and put his food on the seat with me holding the seat down. The sun was in our eyes making it hard for us to see the game at time. Lex flirted with the girls behind us, some of which work for the same company I do (I didn’t know them). The sun really bothered him, and he wanted to go inside which we did. Sitting at the tall bar tables his finished off his chicken and fries before running off the play video games with another little boy. A little Guitar Hero before leaving. We made it a whole 45 minutes!

Leaving we made plans to stop at Target to pick up some ice cream for everyone at Nana’s. While at Target I picked up a Soccer ball for us to play with today at the park. Which is exactly what we did this morning. Taking our new soccer ball to Elm Park and playing as a family. Lex is actually pretty good and I think if we work with him he’ll get better.

BTW – The final score was Revolution 0, Earthquakes 0


~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 16, 2010.

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