Portrait of a Little Man

I love photography. For the most part I usually carry my camera with me at all times, taking photos when I can. This might be why Lex has taken to shooting photos as well.

For his 3rd Birthday this year my Mom bought Lex a Fisher Price Kids Tough Digital Camera. He loves it, carrying it with him in his Leapster Messenger Bag everywhere. You’ll find him in the back seat of the car snapping away at who knows what. This is rather helpful since he tends to leave my camera alone when he has his own around, often taking photos of things I am shooting and then branching off on his own. Of course giving a kid a digital camera is brilliant in comparison to when we were kids and had those 110 cameras. You remember you would take a picture and have to advance the film, and then beg your parents to develop 24 “pictures” which the majority of them were made up of photos of your feet, thumb or just plain black. We had plenty of photographs of the family dog when my brother Kevin had his first camera. I think my Dad just started losing the rolls to get out of paying for a lot of the same thing.

I’m not saying that Lex is Ansel Adams or the next Annie Leibovitz, or any of the amazing photographers our there today but he is trying. He is very proud of his work and I am very proud too. I am thinking of doing a large photo collage of his work, just the randomness of his point of view I think it would be interesting. I am very happy to say both Lex and Loki are both showing huge signs of creativity, both artistically and imaginatively. I’m excited about this because of my creative nature. I hope they will embrace my love for art and images. We will see.

What is to follow are some of the photos from Lex’s last upload. I have selected these because I like them for different reasons. I will say that Lex loves taking self-portraits, I find a lot of the photos in his uploads are him trying to take pictures of himself. They are either his face or his feet (since in the car he looks at them a lot). I don’t think he has figure out he can shoot into a mirror yet, stand back when that happens. I hope you enjoy!

Nuclear Beans

The Lunch-box (it’s actually a diner we go to in Worcester called Corner Lunch, which I call The Lunch-box)

Going Home

Little Sister




~ by Cute Fan Girl on May 22, 2010.

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